Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hellooo people! Yes, haven't been blogging for almost a month and yes, I'm still alive, obviously. Have been very busy since school started. So much things to do and yet so little time! Just like what others always say:' Why do everything have to come at the same time?' Sometimes in life, we complain and still we have no choice, end up giving in and swallow all of them. At least my PP has been approved and one burden downed. Now I've got to choreo a Chinese Dance and teach but I have not much time. How great is that. My brain is so dry that I can't think of anything right now. Converting and editing songs, obstacles, schedules and yada yada. R U B B I S H. How I wish my brain is superb and poof, here goes the things that I want. Oh, at the same time, I need to accomplish more than 5 drawings of different hotel rooms within a short period of time too. It would be terrific if I have a clone right now. HAHA! I wish. I'm pretty sure that my brain is going to condemn real soon! Ah, I haven't talk about my school life yet, have I? So, new class new classmates. They are pretty okay. Nothing much but the modules for this semester are kinda brain damaging I supposed. Sad to say but I have to admit that this time round, my classmates are not as smart as my previous class. Unlike this semester's classmates, my previous classmates are so smart and efficient that I almost do not need to do anything in class because they always finish everything during the first part of the lesson before me. However for this time round, I really need to use my brain and initiate everything during the lesson. How tiring is that. Oh my eyelids literally weigh 20kg in class everyday! Guess I really shall 'enjoy' all these, rather than avoiding and keep complaining right. Be optimisitic, cuz no pain no gain! :D
Sometimes, I really wish to have Hazel's life, seriously.