Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Monday again...

Thanks to Hari Raya and we're gonna have one day public holiday on Wednesday. At the same time, since Tuesday 30th Sept, which is tomorrow is a non-school day, so we're gonna have holidays for 2 days in a row! wee~ actually i can self-declare today as a holiday too, so that there will be no classes for 5 days.. but.. nah.. wanna be a good gal.. so it's better to go to school la. that's all. hahaha!
Saturday and Sunday no classes, Monday got class (today), Tuesday and Wednesday no classes! off and on and off! syiok! Heaven ~ and this week is gonna be short. wuhoo~ time really flies damn fast man.. O.O Random pics.. Last weekend was our mask day. smile~* eh, no no..! cannot smile when u do face mask, if not you will get wrinkles on ur face! stiff and moodless.. cuz cannot smile wad.. yea la yea la. high forehead and wide face la. picturing "luo han fish?" >=( we juz cant stop laughing when we look at each other. laughed like zombie.. imagine that u cant do big reaction as your face is stiff and tight, then u laugh like hell without any emotions or lips moving. "e he he he he hu hu hu hu...." ZOMBIE! made me think of the cartoon network's show.. you guys still remember "THE MASK" with green mask one? spin few rounds then he will have a mask on his face! ----------------------------------- thanks to this Ice Blended Mocha, it keeps me awake for the whole day. =) it's tasty! Lastly, SAY NO TO SMOKING!! and to bloody PEA too!! ta ta~

Saturday, September 27, 2008


23rd... 2nd birthday cake... =)
these sweet housemates celebrated with me at 12.00am, 23rd september. really had fun during that nite, all of us laughed our asses off man.. tummy became so hard and flooded with tears.. =D tiffany (bottom right) was our spot light that nite, even though it's not her birthday. love them! 20 chatters and greetings in msn. received calls too. thanks a lot guys! =D
Beloved Frances and ping ping bought me Stuffs from The Face Shop. guess wat are those? they bought me lotions for foot and heel because my feet are rough and hard due to dance training [ how sweet...] , and compact powder, mascara and hand lotions too. =DDD received letter from Tiffany. click on the pic to read more. =p suuwweet~ Later that night.... preparing for birthday dinner.. =p with these frens @ Pariss International Seafood Buffet Restaurant... xoxo.. they are just too crazy... -_____- 3rd so-called birthday cake..! made up of small pieces of cakes and formed a big cake. =) thanks guys for the presents and greetings. =) appreciate it a lot! =D wee~ and i'm officially 18!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Eight!

ps: super short update here again. will post up more details soon.
BLOODY pimples and strawberry jams came and visited me today! gosh! urgh!! so "give face" ah.. come together to celebrate my bday. -________________- '''
thank you ah! *in a sarcastic way* =DD
ciao~ stay turn for more! XD.

Monday, September 22, 2008

September rocks!

quick update here. 20th, September 2008 Yii Sian and Eng Kee came to Singapore on Wednesday, but only got to meet them on Saturday only. =p Sorry guys. XD. went to city hall then to Bugis and back to City Hall again. Photos down! =D
to suntec city.
here they are! first comment from them when i met them was... "Waa Susan.. So chubby eh! " Me: -____- yes i know. =p Then, we went to Fish & Co. restaurant to have lunch. Suddenly, i was shocked.... they had a surprise advance birthday cake for me! OMG! =DD so sweet of them la. yii sian cheated me out of the restaurant and we discussed which is supposed-to-be serious thingy. guess that i'm too gullible to trust them le. =S =)
that restaurant's tradition is to have the birthday person to stand on the tall chair and they will sing their very own special birthday song. but, i refused to stand on the chair, so just sit on it. =) still got fire sparkles some more. =) wee~ happy advanced birthday susan! food that i ordered. =p The Fountain of Wealth. we went around it and I"M GONNA BE RICH SOON! HAHAHA. siao~ =p the three musketeers~ while walking at the suntec city, we saw this little boy keep running with WII. so cute la. haha. he even run, as in real run! i think WII can help people keep to diet. especially for old people, is a good exercise for them to move their body, at least they wont just sit down there and do nothing. =p TIMBER~ ! colourful mountain. After that, we went to Singapore Flyer! we ended up walking for quite long to Singapore Flyer there. this is a part of the track that Formula 1 will pass by. it's getting nearer~ finally! damn big! at first, i tot the ferris wheel will stop whenever there's a passenger need to get into the box or container thingy(?), but actually it's not. jus that it travels round and round with very slow speed, non-stop. then when u wanna go into it, you have to catch up ! btw, it takes half and hour to travel one whole round. =) woo~ colourful! vained and took lot of photos pf the view too. some of the views that i took down here.. "Ladies and gentlemen, you have reached the maximum altitude, you are on top of the world!" i was like, isn't it the building beside us is taller and higher than where we are rite now? on top of the world? hmm.. blurred. maybe parallax error then. =p pwettaye! .bridgestone. in mrt station. three emo loners. XD. this is what Fish & Co restaurant gave to me. greetings and polaroid photo. cool man! singapore flyer ticket. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 18th, september 2008 maria, my classmate's birthday on that day. we ordered pizza. yummy yummy! =p my fellow classmates. =) ------------------------------------------------------------------ oh well, it's 22nd september today, and tomorrow is the day! WEE~ i'm so gonna be legal soon! LEGALLY SUSAN! feel so old.. -________- wee~ i can drive too! but i'm in sg now, pointless for getting a driving license too. anyway, it not a big deal though. =p lalala~ till here. will update soon k. =) till here. hugs!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I don't know if i'm addicted or not. I don't really like coffee. BUT.. i need it everyday to boost up my energy, to be active and keep me awake throughout the day. is this ADDICTED? i wonder. OMG! sooner or later i can't live without coffee anymore! and i don't wanna be a caffeiholic! =( sigh~ is there any drink or food that can keep human awake and do not contain caffeine?
Ahhh.. i know.. RED BULL! but, what i heard from is that, once you drink Red Bull, you will get hyperactive and so-called "psycho" (to me) at that very moment. Then after a few hours, you'll be extremely exhausted as all your energy are being used up. crazy la, i can't even survive again after that !
super active at the beginning, like mad cow. after that, still the same mad cow. then few hours later, BOOM! dead cow~ XD.
This Red Bull, recommended by my Mad Bull. Well, it's nice though. Carbonated but not that sweet compared to typical Red Bull drink. can give it a try~ =D
Oh well, sometimes i just find old people are cute. Cute as in naive, innocent, loving, playful and naughty. They are just like small kids in a way. There is a say, " it is a TREASURE of having elderly people ( parents, grandparents) at home. " yes, i do agree with that. =) Try to recall of what your grandparents have done for you. They cooked for you, gave you money when you asked from them, sayang you, tell you abt their histories and so on and so forth. How nice could that be? sigh~ hmm.. somehow, i never get to have that much chance of spending time with them as we live far apart. and we didnt even communicate much too. When my grandma passed away, i just realised that and regret for not appreciating the moment when i was with her. So, a piece of advice here, please treasure your time and appreciate of what and who you have right now. Don't wait till you regret! =D omg.. so worddie. well, gonna end the post with this...
there's a friend of mine, said this actress looks like me. from a china movie /drama called 鹿鼎记 ( lu ding ji). but i don't think so, totally different la can? HAHAHA. so funny. Okay, that's all for today. got to go to sleep now! it's 2.21 am already. XD. nite nite! sweet dreams and hugs!
btw, yii sian and eng kee coming to Singapore today! gonna meet them up soon. wee~ =D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First of all,
Actually, I don't really have this kind of practice of celebrating mooncake festival though. Instead, we just cut mooncakes and so-called gathering dinner at relatives' house as usual (in Brunei). Unfortunately, this is my first time for not being there with them. -____- Oh well, what to do. but managed to eat out with frens though.
at New York New York. the gang.. and few girls beside me. COTTON CANDY! when we knew that the cotton candy is free, we ordered 6 (as we got 6 persons here, as if never eat it before! AHHA!), and at the same time, our meals came too. we're like holding the cotton candy and looking at our dishes. dunno which one to eat first. HAHA. my cotton candy and carbonara with mushroom and bacon! yum yum! Yesterday, Saturday nite. joey, gui ping, dom and i went to Sakae Sushi! =DD .SAKAE SUSHI. toot toot train~ but i see no train. =p the sushi were very nice. I MISS SUSHI! but still, i miss brunei's excapade sushi too! yum yum! and NO WAY to pea sushi k. HAHA. u know who u are~ XD.
Oh well, nothing much to blog about though. School days are just like usual. and modern dance too. in return, i had a lot of "fifty cents" on my knees and legs. -_____- gonna be involved in next big performance again. WEEHEE~! So, think that's all for today. will try to blog soon alright. off to sleep now. ta ta~ hugs! yikess! it's monday again tomoro. -______- weekdays.. sigh~ XD 9 more days to go.. XD!