Tuesday, October 28, 2008

paranoid ?

Noise Pollution I'm not enjoying my holidays, seriously. I can't even get to enjoy my good sleep every morning. WHY? thanks to the construction at 2nd and 3rd floor la.. >=( hmpf~! it goes like this.. "grrrr grrr.. doong doong.. drrr.. drrr.." from 8am to 6pm!! can you imagine that all of us have been sleeping with that so-called "music" everyday? NOISE POLLUTION! omg.. living like hell~ however, thanks to my piggy-ness, cuz i can't really hear the noise when i sleep.. =p but, i still can hear some noises and they are distracting my sweet dreams. =( oh ya, the washing machine is not working properly now too! hahaha. i sound like an AH-MA complaining here and there.. XD. There is a correction here. Regarding the bacon i mentioned in previous post, adding SUGAR will reduce the saltiness of the bacon rite? Actually, u can just soak it in water before you cook, as adding sugar will make the whole food become very unhealthy.. imagine, lots of lots of sugar + lots of lots of salt = Diabetes + hairs fall! hehe. yeap yeap, thanks to UC's guide. =D
Nowadays, i really don't have inspiration to blog.. deadly susan.. =\ my post is becoming more and more wordy.. =S AH-HA! i, HAS an idea!! XD..
To make my blog more lively, i'll upload some photos and name the theme as " stupidity + lameness + funny" !
caution: Some photos might be "offensive", therefore hope you guys don't mind k. btw, the pictures are very random. XD. enjoy~
the three musketeers.. cheers, with flurry teeth~ =p are u hungry, judy?
Aki, Zhuang Lao Shi!! haha. miss her man.. looks like "zhao cai mao", the cat in front of the counter there. haha. guess who is this?!! hahaha. haou, u really change a lot eh! look more handsome now. =p hope he didn't see this.. =X
always the happy-SengWei.. =) yea, these bunch of crazy asses.. forever crazy.. only lame people will take lame pics. XD. hahaha. had fun!! monkeys!! oh well, everyone has grown up already.. =D yea, we're full of rubbish! =p PIN JIA!! muacks! XD. Mr Lame! miss his lame jokes~ hope he's doing well in indonesia. =) "kao piak?" no evils~! now wat's this? nailing Judy on the wall? hahhaa. O.O! fatty fatty~ hahaha. i just don't know wat is so funny about.. expanded.. shrink! tsk tsk tsk.. stupidity.. no Jenny, dun die! tudung? or snowman? XD this photo looks so obscene.. hahaha.. roar~ =p And lastly, ta ta! =D
HOLIDAYS !!! although it's only one week, but better than nothing. =D slept throughout the whole weekends, again. And not to forget, EAT EAT EAT.. well, since i have nothing to do now, i'm gonna introduce you all food! =DD, bacon with bread! 1. First of all, arrange few pieces of bacon on the plate, then add some sugar (because bacon is very salty, therefore you have to add some sugar to neutralize it), pepper, and few drops of sesame oil too. 2. After that, put it in to the toaster and toast it (about 4-5mins, depend on what kind of taste you prefer; crispy or juicy). 3. After toasted, take it out and put it on bread, fold and eat! =D delicious! At the same time, you can dip your bread on the sauce, sure satisfy ! easy and convenient right? try it and confirm you won't regret! =D Oh well, there are dance rehearsals during holiday.. =/ it's not like a holiday week to me anymore.. what to do? sometimes, i just hate it, but i love it too~ i just hate the pre-feelings before dance lesson, it's like "aiyo.. need to dance again, so tired plus lazy also.. sigh!~" you get wat i mean? yea, dunno what am i thinking about.. Should i continue to dance? or give up and do other things (most probably like, work?) ? but i just can't give up.. =S oh well, will see. =) jia you ba~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My current class, W35J ! Happy family.. self-timer.. why so serious? wee~ these people are just crazy and fun. anykind of people also have; weirdo, freak, funny, childish, naive, smart, playful, psycho, gamers and so on! love them~ =D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This song is super NICE! =D wOO~ for your information, youtube is available for this video. =) listen listen!
Womanizer by Britney Spears

Britney Spears Lyrics
Womanizer Lyrics
Enjoy ~!

Monday, October 20, 2008

random + random

sorry sorry, my blog is dying, again. having UTs recently and have been busy with dance rehearsals. pai seh ah.. =D well, it's gonna be a random post again, rojak. wisdom teeth, food, animal, insect, ulcer, bacteria & germs, pimples!! Yea, my wisdom teeth are growing recently. Please take note of that, is TEETH, not TOOTH k. more than 1..! 2 wisdom teeth are growing at the back of the gum there!! damn pain can! urghh.. it's like, the teeth are pushing towards your gum and force to expose out! ouch~* so i'm having 31 teeth now, 1 more and it will be completely 32! =D lame joke: I'm clever now! why? because i have WISDOM teeth, which can help me in becoming wiser and more clever! wahahha. cold~ Okie, i'm having ulcer ON my GUM too. so unlucky. it's getting bigger and bigger and can form a Singapore map already. =S Other than those, pimples outbreak too!! =( due to my red friend. sigh~ scars are all over the place.. And and, i'm sick too, full of germs and bacteria. Flu infection + cough & flame.. am i growing or wat (18 already weh.. still grow ah?) ? or attractive( beh pai seh!) ? how come everything's aftering me these days? sigh sigh~ And one more nightmare here.. which is, i GAINED weight! seriously, i really gained. about, 4 kg? omg.. i can't believe it. weighed few times to make sure with it, but the fact is still fact, can't change. I FEEL SO FATTY NOW! FOOD FOOD FOOD! i just can't resist the temptation ! i think the more i dance, the higher chance of me getting fat. after dance which ends at 9+ or 10pm, then dinner. u say la, fatty or not? sigh~ to be positive side of getting fat, a proof of living a good life now.. -____-''' no choice, food lover..
huge ice-cream! 2/3 size of your head. fatty! yummy cake! fatty! saw this outside of my unit, moth? big moth! made me think of my home in brunei. cuz this moth always fly into my house at nite, then i'll freak out and shout for help! haha. Hazel, dom's dog! cute, naughty yet intelligent! i always refer her as half a human. damn clever dog she is. she only needs me when she wants me to sayang her tits nia. tsk tsk tsk.. and lastly,
one more week of school to term holidays.. =D wee~!
Was nominated by quite a lot of people, thanks ah! =D
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at the same time, wanted to nominate other people too, but can i just say "I nominate everyone in my blogrolls? too many to list down. =D hehe. oh well, till here. tata ~ =DD like hui zhen said, live life to the fullest, guys!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reflections 2008 - MUSE

-click it for clearer picture-
Reflections 2008 - MUSE "A showcase of original and innovataive works. With choreography by respected dance-makers Gin, Larry Liu, Kavitha Krishnan, Fathurraman Said, Zaini Muhammad Tahir, Firhana Alsagolff, Louis Ng, several up and coming student choreographers. Come experience who and what act as their Muse, what inspires them!" Date: 12th November 2008, Wednesday Time: 8pm Ticket price: $10 Venue: The Republic Cultural Centre, Theatre
Yeap yeap, there will be a big performance in this upcoming November. the show consists of different types of dances, like Indian dance, Malay dance, social dance, hip hop dance and MODERN DANCE. and i'm IN in one of the dances too, modern dance. =DD so so, for those who wanna come and watch the show, please dun hesitate to buy and book tickets from me k. Tickets are first come first serve basis. So hurry up!

Friday, October 3, 2008


YOU GUYS MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO FROM THE ABOVE WEBSITE! OMG! I cried like hell!! tut them man!! why would they have to do it in this way?? T.T EVIL TORTURER! I'm not gonna tell you what is going on in the video, you should watch it yourself, no regrets i promise. then try to reflect on your own. =] maybe i'll post something about it again next month? or next few posts.. T_________________________________T