Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just dance!

Life has been very dramatic and full of ups and downs recently. Despite all the tight schedules, complaints and being worn out everyday, I kinda love and enjoy my busy life right now. :D Anyway who cares,

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yes, Like finally I've got wee bit of time to blog about my recent life! OXYGEN!!! :D Sorry for MIA for quite a long time and yes, my blog is so dead. -.- Only those advertisements entertained me (thank you) LOL! Reflections is finally over, First UTs are over as well, and now I have to focus on ISF. Oh not to forget Monday's PP Presentation! and and, DRAWINGS as well! =|
11th Nov Wednesday night, Muse II 20th Nov Friday night, Reflections closing bash + flame awards + afterparty! :D Enjoy hell lots yesterday night! :D
More photos of this, click here ! :D
Next, just wanna say that, I've got the academic awards 2009 for being in the top 10% of students for good academic performance in the Diploma (*self pat) :D Alright, that's all. and please TAGGGGG to keep this blog alive! regardless you're a passerby, strangers, friends, family and whosoever. :D compliments and critiques are acceptable! Thank you very much!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


POOF! Here I am again. Yes, I'm occupied and suffocated! BUSY BUSY BUSY! UT, PP, DRAWINGS, ISF, MODERN DANCE, DANCE AND DANCE AGAIN! Guess I'm really digging my own grave, how I wish someone could bury me up right now! Have a sudden urge to stop doing what I'm doing right now. Can I? But I think I'll get killed by people. =S Call me a wuss call me slow but that's your own perception only. I'm doing at my own pace and hate people rushing and interrupting unless I ask for help. If you're really an eager beaver then too bad for you because I'm not one of them. I have a life my dear. :) Time is definitely not enough for me to do everything but I have no choice right now. Seriously, one after another. PACKED PACKED PACKED! effing hectic! Okay, I think I should be more considerate and cooperative so as not to slow down everyone's progress, right? Oh well. what to do? BUCK UP, SUSAN! You're half way there already, prove it to them! :D