Monday, March 31, 2008

.random.short post.

was on webcam with bro and mom juz now. Again, emo me.. juz cant control my tears when i saw my mom. she looks so thin. gosh ~ heart cracking. *kachhiang~

taken with webcam, after crying. froggie eyes + red lips + red nose. ewww ~

Some random pics.

multi-colours! same shirts with different colours and different styles ~

miss u all. =/

souvenier from b-gang! hugs hugs.

some encouraging words from sistas! muahz!

My observation

One month in SG already, i observed a few things here. 1) Why do people in Singapore (or singaporeans) walk so fast? Are they born to be like that? Well, they walk fast because: First, they are rushing for the MRT. In MRT stations, u can see people walking or even run very fast just to catch up the next coming MRT. duh ~ MRTs come every 5~8mins ma, why do they need to rush? make hair and clothes messy only. wahaha. =p Second, they walk fast because they are rushing for the traffic. Green light GO, Red light STOP. that's simple. =D and third, they walk fast because they are late for work or school! haha. if not, why would they need to walk so fast? =p. wild guess only actually. XD ~ or else, they are really born or trained to walk that fast lo. no offense ah. 2) okie, the 2nd observation. i found out that the people (girls) here, they are quite pretty and wear very pretty and nice on top, but then when i look down, they wear slippers. slippers as in rubber or plastic de oh, like going for picnic on the beach. was really shocked when i saw this first time lo. semi-formal and cool cool on top, but "cincai" at the bottom. haha. that's typical singaporeans. no offense also ah. peace peace* juz voice out my views. =D ------------------------------------------------- went to Chinatown just now, suddenly miss my family sooo sooo much! because we lived there when we came to singapore during end of Feb, to accompany me. ooOOOoo~ here comes the homesick agen. HAHA. aiyo, miss the time when we were there lo. ='( i miss u, mummy ~ school gonna reopen very soon, going to have RP orientation these few days. hope it will be fun! getting bored nowadays, dunno why and dunno bcuz of wat. ahhhH ~ =/ ta ta ~

Friday, March 28, 2008

disappointed. >=S

it's end of march, which means i'm gonna move and stay with Frances them in this coming april le!! yippee ~ but so sad that Jolin's gonna move out to stay with her aunt. =( Then, i went to the hostel office and asked about my approval of the appeal form ( appeal to move to other unit). Me: hi! just want to ask, is my appeal form approved already? Office girl: Oh, hold on ya, i check for you. .........[ finding the form ].............. Office girl: Erm, they said u can move in, but u still need to wait for our call. Me: Really? then how long shud i wait and when are u guys gonna call me? Office girl: Around... end of april or mid of may like that. Me: WHAT? i still need to wait for more than a month??! why is it so? but i thought my fren (jolin) is asked to move out before April and therefore i can move in rite after she move out? Office girl: Because the office needs time to settle and arrange something. so, it's like this lo. ........ APAKAN! still need to wait for a month plus agen? so shitty la.. i tot SINGAPORE very fast and efficient de? !@#^*%$*$ really disapppointed. >=( eh, i pay for this and i get this kind of service in return? i dun care, u wait, i'm gonna complain u ~ juz a simple thing only and it needs them to take so long to handle it. gosh ~ gonna suffer again! so sad la.. sigh~

Monday, March 24, 2008

Random ~

21.03.2008 ~ 23.03.2008

have been shopping a lot during weekends. from friday to sunday. fuu~ crazy us. btw, not gonna post it too long, juz summarize it and photos. hehe.

friday, 21st march, we went to queenstown, chinese garden, boon lay and orchard.


taking pic with Lin Ze Xu. =)

this was the view before it rains.

and this was the view when it was raining.

so sad, juz reached chinese garden's main gate then started to rain le. which mean we are forced to return and come back again another day. din get to explore more in chinese garden. sayang*

to queenstown~

scared of walking everyday already. haha=p


there are here!

during nite time, we went to orchard road, takashimaya to meet my aunts and we had a dinner. so happy to see them! juz like a small home reunion. miss miss* after that, we went back home, real damn tired. walked from morning till nite. =/

saturday, 22nd march , shopping agen. =D we went to bugis, Far East PlazA @ newton and orchard. my gosh!! when u guys come to sg, muz go bugis street! there sell a lot of cheap cheap and nice nice de clothes, which cost $10 per piece only! and accessories, belts and those, really cheap till u can laugh. haha. =p example, a bling bling in brunei can cost u $10~$20 plus, but here, $5 pun dapat le la. haha. =D =D i bought stuffs too. XD ~


Sunday, 23rd march, we went to jurong east and ang mo kio. look!! i've bought this CJ7's stuff toy! muahhaaa. finally! $7.95. haha.

CUTE rite? XD ~

Monday, 24.03.2008

We had Assimilation Program (AP) which is organised by International Student Club (ISC), RP. i really did enjoy and had fun in this program. it's something like orientation for this club lo. i think so. ehe. =p we played lots of games, met new frens and seniors. it's juz great!

BUT, there was one thing that i dun really enjoy it, that is i was selected to perform on stage with a funny, crazy and stupid dance. hhaha. really cant imagine how i danced. =p lol. spoiled my reputation. alrite, forget abt it. =p then, almost at the end of the AP, there's a program or selection (or something that i duno wat to call) called MR RPI and MISS RPI. for ur information, RPI stands for Republic Polytechnic International. we, the foreign students are called as international students. so can say that which are RPI students. hehe. and guess wat? i was selected as MISS RPI. =D. haha. unexpected and shocked!

Miss RPI and Mr RPI. he's David, malaysian too. ahha. proud proud to be malaysian* =p

lai~ closer a bit. juz cant stop being vain* XD ~

the prize that i get for it.

some of my team members + seniors.
those ppl are juz craaaazy and funny.. so hyper and active! laughter everywhere and non stop! haha. gosh~ laughed from morning till the end and my wrinkles are going to come out, very soon.
~ XD ~

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun day ~

yesterday, thursday, we had our Poly Bridging Programme closing ceremony. it was the end of the programme! i really did enjoy the programme at school. it was fun, especially with those frens. =D so, we wont be having lesson until 7th of april. that's mean, holidays time~ but we have lots of orientations in between. =D

this is my certificate of completing 4th level Poly Bridging Programme.

vain during closing ceremony~ =p

after closing ceremony, we have free food for lunch and....

we took took took pics in class!

us with indonesian-chinese frens. they are cute and funny! nice to be with~

after that, we all had a plan...

it's gui ping's bday yesterday, so we decided to give her a surprise party. we planned everything and everything was planned good! XD ~ in the afternun, we cooked. again ~

SUSHI~ jolin and i made it! yum yum*

ta ta ~ our products ~ japanese food, vietnamese food, philippines food, western food and chinese food! wahhaa. so international la~

we cooked secretly to prevent letting gui ping know. we asked Frances to bring her to shop around at mall to waste her time. we lied(jolin and i lied to gui ping that we're going to aunt house and not coming back for dinner and so she and Frances has to cook dinner for themselves) , called and contact Frances (to make sure gui ping is not around here) , panick and yada yada yada. after we cooked, we online and relaxed. we tot we stil have a lot of time as it was 7pm like that, cuz gui ping told Frances that she's coming at 8pm. actually we planned to bring the cake towards her when she open the door and sing bday song for her.

Suddenly.. *knock knock knock* ! all of us heart attack. we were trying to lower down our voices and kept asking who's out there. haha. shud have record that scene. XD. we then quickly brought the cake to study room and tried to light up. then Frances let her in. but we realised something stupid was that, we dun even have a lighter or match to light the candles uP! haha. in and out of the study room and here she goes! suddenly appeared in front of the study room! waAA ~ everything went boom and pooff~ we carried the cake without lighted-candles on it. somehow, it's successful tho, even thou we carried a unlighted-cake. haha. she was shocked and gan dong when she saw all the efforts and works we had done for her! hehe.


after party + dinner at about 10pm, we walked and hanged around at school till 12am. that's was really fun! we gathered many frens around and sat beside a park. we chit chat, playing guitar, singing, skateboard-ing, cycling, online and laughed out loud crazily! ....look!


WE, lepak around~

these funny frens ~ they play guitar very well and they sing well too! *touched when they performed songs. hehe.
it was like more than 10 ppl there gathered around and the feeling was very good! i love it! the weather was fine and the nite was young and fresh! hyper active today! =D
we went back to jolin's hostel, watch movie! so here i am now, blogging and they are watching movie. *tick tock tick tock* it's 3am now. haha. opps~ =p that's all for today. ta ta~ juz realised that this post is sooo looong. =p

few days ago~

few days ago, jolin and i went to a concert! wuhhoo~ CONCERT wor~

who's concert who's concert?? SHE? Jolin Tsai? MAy Day??

HAHA. XD ~ DUH~ no la. not those singers' concert la. it's only singapore primary school, Sembawang Primary School. it's their concert. all performances like singing (choir), dancing, drama, and chinese orchestra! all hosted by those primary students. this concert was held at our school, @ THE REPUBLIC CULTURAL CENTRE.

the lil cute MCs. they speak well and very talented. and they are only in primary level.

chinese orchestra, pro ~. *i miss chms chinese orchestra! =( they really played very very well and i have to admit that they play much more better than chms chinese orchestra. haha=p

choir ~ Grace, this make me think of u. the conductor and the pianist! =D

dancing performances ~

the finale. wat a big group! XD ~
they are only primary students and they performed well. clap clap*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My school campus ~

Hihi ~ sorry for being late to post up my school campus's photos. well, here they are ~
pathway to RP.

buildings ~ different courses different building.

i like the field. it's all green and clean!
those buildings are named with E1~ E6, W1~W6. E stands for EAST & W stands for WEST.
the place u can have ur meal. feel like picnic-ing~ haha.

life... still have long way to go ~ haha. =p lame.

something so-called 'lake' kua. the building behind there is THE REPUBLIC CULTURAL CENTRE. will post up some photos inside the building after sometimes. =D
outside view of the library, level 1.

life is like full of rocks and bumpy roads~ haha. again~ =p


school's sports complex + olympic-sized swimming pool. *drooling~
third floor of sports complex.

the ADVENTURE LEARNING CENTRE. gonna climb it some days!

one of the foodcourts.

Seven Eleven.

wanna withdraw money?

night view of RP. b-e-a-u-tiful!
that's all for today! more pics coming in next post! XD ~