Thursday, November 27, 2008

*quick update here..
There will be another performance again, which is TONIGHT. wee~ after the performance (Flame Awards), we will be having dinner, then PARTY ~ It's a celebration for the successful events held during the past few weeks. Hope all of us will enjoy it! =) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
On the other hand, I think I'm losing my passion in dance (or this modern dance IG?) already. I was wondering if I should quit modern dance or not. I don't like to go for dance when there are people who try to show attitude to us. like wat the heck la. I just cannot stand those kind of people. And i freaking hate responsibilities! especially in organizing things. As I was nominated as one of the next committee members, therefore they are starting to give me tasks to do. for instance, organize a christmas party. -_____- I feel so reluctant to be one of the committee members already and now she ask me to organize this some more, with a "good" attitude. -________- I cannot tahan: - stress - too much responsibilities which will affect my time for other stuffs too - people showing bad attitude - stress during dance class I CANNOT!! I seriously don't know what to do now. to quit or not to quit? but when? how? please give some comments? be it at the tagbox, or post-a-comment there.

Monday, November 24, 2008

i feel super geram now!! ARGHH !!

Friday, November 21, 2008


If i'm not wrong, I remember I was tagged before with these questions too. Anyway, one's demands and opinions might change over time though, so why not give it a try again? ps: I might be exaggerating on some of the points.. dun mind k. XD 1. What do you want most for the time being? I want extra free time! and more sleeping time too! 2. What is your most favourite thing to do? Go crazy and laugh like mad! Sleeping, dance, and girls talk. =p 3. What is your 1 regret in life? hmm.. the things that i was not able do previously ? 4. Who inspires you? My mom! She makes me wanna be a better person. =D 5. Tell me something that I don't know about your family background. My grandparents (dad side) passed away before I was born. 6. Do you believe you can survive without money? Can... If everything is free! HAHAHA ! DUH hello ~ obviously CANNOT survive without money la ! 7. What are you afraid to lose the most? EVERYONE and everything that I'm having right now. Kinda happy with what I have right now. =) 8. What do you feel like doing, right now? Dance and sleep. If probably, slack too. =\ oh ya, SLIM DOWN!! i'm seriously gaining weight now. but how can i lose weight when i wanna sleep and slack? sigh~ 9. If you can get out of your current life circumstance, would you? Of cuz, provided that knowing what I want right now. =| 10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you. Jane tagged me first - Creative, lame and funny! =DD 11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Erm.. love and commitment? Aiyo, I won't ask for more la. I just want everything that he has and he can give! not much rite? XD.
12. If you were given a choice, would you want to know what love is all about? I would like to experience it by myself. 13. What is your ambition? well well well, to be someone who can earn a lot of money, boss? . $__$ 14. Describe your life in one word. Blessed ! ( same feeling as Jane too, we feel blessed! =) ) 15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ? Happy. Somehow, it is hard to buy happiness with money, to a certain extent. note that, i didn't say MONEY cannot buy happiness ah. 16. If you have a chance, where would you like to further your study with scholarships? I have no idea at the moment, but if possible, UK ? 17. Who is/are the person (people) that you can share all your problems with? moD*, B-gang, Frances and other close friends too... 18. How do you see yourself in 10 years time? Wahaha. This time, I'm gonna imagine... Well, in 10 years time, I'll be 28 years old. So most probably will be carrying bag (with laptop), wearing high heels and semi-formal clothes to work. OR, setting up my own family. HAHA. 19. What is the one thing you hate about yourself? Impatient, lazy, procastinator, short temper, badmouth (but i like =p) and more.. 20. What is your dream job? ermm.. a lot eh..
Another one, tagged..
1) take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture right now. 2) dont change your clothes, dont fix your hair, just take a picture. 3)post that picture with NO editing. 4) post the picture with these instructions. 5) tag 7 people to this. 6) *no tag backs*
And rule number 7, I'm gonna remove number 5 and 6! >=)
What I want the most at the moment? - I want to lose weight and get back to original weight that I have before! most probably before mid of January. DESPERATELY! the fats are irritating and annoying me now! >=( - I want to have extra time for myself to slack and not to think of anything. I just want my brain to be left empty without schedules! - I want myself to be able to make decision of what I want right now, to quit or not to quit? continue or no? I DON'T KNOW!
and I just want what I want ~ !

Thursday, November 20, 2008

His Highness Purple Yeap yeap, MUSE has finally ended. From LET'S GO CRAZY to PURPLE RAIN to KISS and finally WHEN DOVES CRY. We shone on stage! Short introduction of our dance, His Highness Purple. His purple highness pays tribute to the unpredictable, highly controversial and self-endulgent musician who sculptures and created the Minneapolis sound through his livewire keyboards, heavy drumbeats and screeching almost pleading vocals. While his musics covers a broad range of styles- from acoustic to rock to R&B, it is his enigmatic almost mystical stage persona, a peculiar combination of ambisexual erotism and self-mythologizing that elevated him to an almost legendary status. Four of his ironic songs; the mad and extreme 'Let's Go Crazy', the transcendent, Grammy-award 'Purple Rain', the deliciously sexy 'Kiss' and the furiously innovative and fearlessly confessional 'When Doves Cry', are explored here to underscore the brilliance of the little man we know as Prince Rogers Nelson. Rehearsal day: His Highness Purple watching video, panicking if any mistakes or not. =p hairdresser~ haha. big fat thigh.. The Real Day: preparation... here we go~ sexy ladey~ i just love the dressing room.. =D purple~ Yeap, it's all about purple, black and silver~ I bet Grace loves this post. haha. I got my costumes with shiny 'boobs' in front. =p haha. everything's back to normal, no more late class and rehearsals. wee~ and less stress too. =D oh ya, about the video, i'll try to get and upload it asap. =) ciao~

Monday, November 10, 2008


Went to town last weekend, Orchard and Bugis. It has been so long since I have gone shopping. I think about 1 to 2 months already. long huh. Some of you guys might think this is impossible for me not to shop every week or every month. But it happens k! =DD muahaha. feel so proud of myself! XD. well, the purpose of going town last weekend is to search for dance costumes. My devil and greedy horns came out again went I was shopping yesterday. It's hard to resist the temptation know! greedy eyes' fault! feel like buying the whole shops! haha. But at least my costumes are complete after a long walk. -___- While walking at the roadside beside Raffles City, we saw a big piece of art on the building..
seems normal or typical rite? colourful drawing of a person. but once we went in to the blue and red translucent box..
blue box- it's a MAN in sorrow, perhaps, 2 men..
red box- now, GIRL in sorrow in red box. Amazing rite? very creative. impressed. =D
Yeap yeap, Wednesday is the day of performance! it's time to show ! finally.. After few months of torturing classes and rehearsals, gosh! My feet have became PIG FEET already, with cacat toes and full of corns too! eww! ugly feet i have! =( have been busy with test every week too, other than dance. Yes, I enjoy dancing, but sometimes i do lost my passion for dance too, due to some reasons. For instance, responsibility. I love dance, doesn't mean that I love responsibilities too. I join dance to dance, but not to take in charge of bla bla bla. I do not wish to have any extra burdens which is not related to me. Those responsibilities make me don't feel like going to dance anymore. I love dance, doesn't mean that I like to be forced to dance. Like, control and restrict my time for the sake of dance. double NO. Oh well, I still love to dance anyway. I do enjoy when I dance with music and people, especially on stage. It is an honor to dance on stage, indeed. A great opportunity to show and express yourself to everyone. cheers for that! =D There are so much to say about it but I'm just suck at expressing and describing through words. You understand, I understand, can already. haha. =D Well, gonna take load and load of photos on Wednesday! wee~ can't wait! Oh ya, there are few people coming to Singapore, very soon. Karen Foong, Kar Yee and Grace Wong! Gonna meet them up during weekends. =DD packed schedule, exhausted yet love it. XD

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Confession [updated]

I need motivation to attend class, seriously, and dance training, rehearsals too. My laziness is killing me right now! >=( Sometimes i just feel very stressful, out of nowhere. Whenever I have my own expectations and targets towards certain things, I will always want and expect people to meet up my expectation, and not to forget, I myself have to meet up my own expectation too. For instance, in class. Whenever a problem statement is released and start with team discussion, I (or our team) usually will come out with a concept and brief solutions towards the problem statement. However, at the end of the day, the solutions and presentations of the team might not always meet up my expectation. Then, i'll be very disappointed and stressed. Feel it's worthless for giving out too much. I guess, i always expect people to understand what I'm trying to say and think, therefore he or she will then be able to provide the result that I expected. RP always insist process is more important than result. Yes I agree, but to a certain extent. Process is important, for yourself, as you are the one who learn it and absorb knowledge, once it's yours, it's yours; no one can steal it from you. However, to me, result is also very important too. It shows if you really understand or not, then come out with conclusions or results. Poor results or productions definitely will not satisfy me, at all! I think I have big ego, seriously. Impatient and a lot of pride too. Sometimes a sore-loser as well. =p somehow I just can't lose my face in a certain situation. "Si ai bin!" XD. I only do things that I'm good at it, or the things that I know, in other words, within my ability, then i'll go for it. If I don't even know about or suck at it, I won't touch it at all. For instance, I think I'm not good at singing, so for those who know and are close to me, knew that even if you take a knife and point at me, I die die also won't sing. I'm super indecisive too. Sometimes, I just can't make my own decision, don't know which is good or bad for me. and don't know what I want too! =( Anyway, just feel like nagging here. Mind me alrite. =) Had TENSION headache few days ago. my vision was very blur for few hours and dizzy. Brain muscles cramped and puked 2 times and oh ya, a while of tummy cramped too. =X.. Went to clinic and the doctor said it might due to over stress, lack of sleep or even because of tiredness too. haha. 活该!lalala~ I think, all these nag nag thingy are due to some "thunderstorms and lightnings" which keep on striking me recently, perhaps, suay-ness, till I can't tolerate anymore. =S arghh! oh well, that's me! I just can't be bothered la sometimes! feel like an internal war is happening inside my heart and brain.
>=( !
ki siao~!
Nobody by Wonder Girls this song is quite nice, very catchy.. can find out more videos about this song in youtube too. plus, a nice song to dance with too. =DD

Monday, November 3, 2008

routines routines..

gosh.. holidays ended! school reopen and have to start my routines again. =( feel so stressful now.. !! hope everything will be fine.. =|