Monday, March 30, 2009


Remember I danced for Reflection 2008 in RP? Below is the video. Saw that at friend's facebook and went to find it in youtube. There are actually combination of 4 songs: Let's go crazy, Purple rain, Kiss and when doves cry. Apparently, the first video is only the first part of the dance, let's go crazy. Better than none. enjoy! =D
His Purple Highness
Okay, this is the last song When doves cry, during Flame Awards 2008.
And this is Flame Awards opening. =)
And I'm banned from tagging people at tagboard. so weird. =( I CAN'T TAG!!

Your fart is damn smelly!

Have been staring at the screen for few minutes and don't know how to start my post. -________- I feel like chopping my tongue off because of the stupid ulcer! I never got the real ulcer on tongue before except for the extra-popping-out-flesh's ulcer.
Okay, you can find myself very lame to draw it out some more, but back to the point. Can you see something extra popping out from the tongue there? it hurts when you touch it. yea, that's the ulcer that I usually got on tongue.
But now, what I have on my tongue is a drilled-hole-ulcer, which usually happens on lips and inner mouth only (for my case), never on tongue. It's very inconvenient for me to eat and drink. I have to slow down and can't taste the food properly. Imagine literally chomping your food like a turtle, nyumm...... nyumm..... nyumm.... one chomp in 2 seconds. gahh~ and I have to brush my teeth gently too! So suffering. Now that part of my tongue swollen, and the hole is getting deeper. as if bacterias keep drilling down and down. =( I'm not gonna put salt on it mind you. That will give me hell! Even though I just need to tolerate for 5 seconds only and it will be cured the next day, but i rather choose less-pain and wait for few more days to be cured. That's just me, cuz I can't tahan pain. =p Anyway, my day was great yesterday, went to church, had a great dinner and swam. =D 3 more weeks to school reopen and I think I should make use of these holidays as well. =)
this was taken when I was on the way to Miri that day, around Seria there. Nice weather. Hope everyday will always be a beautiful and peace day. Oh yea, heard that school reopen already right, Brunei people? Jia you and all the best k! =D
Hazel. This dog surely know how to express her feelings very well. Look at the eyes, how can you not sayang her when she looks at you?
That's all people. Have a nice week and enjoy! =D
XOXO, Susan

Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm back, and I know that's quite long ago already, 1 week? Yeap yeap, there are so much to blog about but I'm just too lazy. Instead, I'm more into changing my blog layout though. =p soon people, editing~ As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a long journey back to Singapore. From Brunei travelled to Miri in the early morning, then flew to Kota Kinabalu in the afternoon, waited for few hours to fly back to Singapore in the evening. I was very exhausted and almost collapsed, because I only slept for an hour the day before that. Last-minute work is never good at all I tell you. =S Yay! I've been to KK after all! erm, does this count? I wonder. Sometimes, I hate traveling. I don't like the fact that I have to pack my stuffs, thinking what to bring and what is needed, oh oh, and also the carrying part. And also, I don't like the feeling when I'm in the aeroplane. I hate the pressure! As if something's stuffing in my ears and I feel like a deaf person. I used to cry everytime when I was small because of that, everytime. Well, everything's back to normal. Mom doesn't need to be frustrated because of the mess that I caused anymore, no more talk back, no more troubles and she doesn't need to nag again because of my upside-down life when I was back in Brunei. And me, no more pampering and back to independent life again. oh well~ =| ----------------- Went to Singapore Zoo on Sunday. Overall, it was fun and interesting, tired too. Although I've been there few years ago, but I might forget some of the animals, and some animals really do amaze you. Alright, let the photos do the talking, shall we? =)
We are Singapore Zoo's property!
photo taking with parrots.
I wonder whether this alligator's mouth will tired or not. otters, and they stink. endangered species, white tigers. Remember there was a Bangladeshi trying to agitate the white tigers and was killed and bla bla? I kinda forget the incident already. If interested, google it. =) babi hutan. PUMBA! Emu, and it looks like ostrich. I always get confused with them. kangaroo~ oi oi. I ARE BABOON! red butt! as big as my head! little deers.. penguins! They are soo cute! as if wearing tuxedo on their bodies. smart this is one of the penguins, I think it is an attention-seeker, damn cute. Keep swimming in front of everyone for quite long. must watch! =D [erm, just click the 'play' button on the first box will do. something's wrong with the extra square below and I don't what's wrong. just ignore it.] big komodo dragon. eww~ I hate reptiles. super BIG tortoise! should be very old already. iguana. Somehow, I kinda confused with iguana, monitor lizard and chameleon. I just can't differentiate them. sssnake. cobra. this snake reminds me of the jungle book cartoon, the evil snake which likes to hypnotize people. I don't think they look alike, but anyway.. =p cheetah or leopard? I don't know. okay, I feel like a stupid now. Hope I won't forget my surname. LOL. GRACE!! You're there! =p okay, this is ostrich. See, told you there look alike. zebra. Heard that zebras are stupid. They follow the same mistakes even if it's wrong. rhino. see the birds there? I always think that they are good friends, but someone told me that the reason why birds always get close to rhino because they can eat the I-don't-know-what-stuffs on the rhino skins. polar bear. I wonder when is the last time this polar bathe. There's actually algae growing on the fur. =\ yuck. squirrels.. cute! the childish-es.. while walking, we saw this. looked fun so we planned to join too. It was like a pulling ferry, where you stand on it and start to pull the rope, it will then move~ pull pull pull! It may look easy, but actually it's not. Yeap, that's the end of the zoo story. I wonder what do the animals think and how do they feel, where they need to face a lot of humans everyday. Will they feel harassed? For this, I can't put myself in their shoes. HAPPY SEVENTH MONTH IDIOT! >=)
My blog layout is finally done! =DD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bon voyage!

Bye Brunei! Will be leaving for singapore tomorrow. And it's gonna be a long journey again. My my, What a lovely vacation i had these two months. Family is great, and friends are great too! Really enjoyed a lot. Friends are really sweet and nice, some of them came to my house for few times, just to see me before i go back. Some Called me out to lim teh and chill for Fun. And there was a person didnt even hesitate to tapao nasi katok for me during midnight. You guys are too sweet. :) appreciated it, very much. Hugs. Oh well, hope everyone's doing fine and see you guys maybe in september? I guess. Big hug! Muacks! :-D love you all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

我需要一个出气筒!我快要窒息了! 受不了了! 天啊!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Recently, I have craving for food. Whatever kind of food that my mind could think of, I want it immediately. Cucur pisang, fried chicken, prawn crackers, mee goreng, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, maggie mee, chocolates, cakes, pizza and many many more! My tummy growls anytime it wants. For instance, today, I had my lunch at 3pm+, then I went on to have my dinner at 6pm+, after that, I had a small packet of nasi lemak at 9pm+! It's 2am+ going to 3am now, and my tummy tells me that I'm am still hungry! what a big appetite I have! what the heck~ Besides that, I always feel dizzy and wobbly when I just wake up, or even stand up after sitting for quite long, my vision will suddenly black out for 2 or 3 seconds and feel like falling down. =S No no, I'm not pregnant, people. =) duh! haha. I'm having a same case as PinJia's having now: MENSTRUATION! =p Guess we have telepathy connection! =D haha. Just like what she said, we can never be full eventhough ate a lot of stuffs already. =S However, I'm different from her, I still love food though. I just can't resist them when I see them. (who can, right?) Okay okay, I have put on weights, again. Sigh~ Sometimes, how I wish I could be the one who doesn't even care about her appearance and weight, just eat and live happily as she wishes. BUT! too bad I can't! Just blame myself for being so superficial and vain. -______- Anyway, I used to be fat when I was in secondary school and slimed down, so means that I can be fat and slim down again lo. It's just a matter of time anyway. =\ So, I can eat happily whenever i want! muahaha. FOOD! come to momma! ps: Exactly one more week left in Brunei. =S

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am complicated

HAHAHAHA! I just had a cat fight with my bro! He ended up with scratches and scars on his body and I'm totally under good condition! description: A long scratch with blood at his back, accompanied with small scratches beside, and 3 hard scratches on his arms! muahahha! To clarify, the injury at his back wasn't caused by me. It was the door which he tried to use that to defend and aattack me when i was chasing him. He accidentally knocked on it and boom! Regarding the scars on his arms, according to him, it was done by me. =p See, this is his retribution for disturbing me when I was doing something. =p huh! *good for you bro!* I'm so gonna leave more scars on his body so that he will miss me when I go back! lala~ ----------- Brunei's weather is rather hot, compared to Singapore. Seriously, I cannot tahan the heat even if I'm just sitting in my living room. What to say again if I'm outside. I can feel the UV lights directly attack my skin and eyes! No wonder I'm getting dark nowadays. I specially hate it when I'm done with everything, bathed, cleaned, put on make up and ready to go out and my sweat glands start to become active when I just leave my room only. Can you imagine how hot the weather is? However, when it rains, as if the sky is leaking, downpours like cats and dogs. so exaggerating la! haha. I wonder when will the earth ends.. =\ Oh well, I'm having mixed feelings right now. feel sad and excited at the same time? Time flies and I'm going back real soon. To be frank, I love my life in Brunei now though. Care-free and slow. Eat, sleep, online, watch dramas and movies, hang out and do nothing; I actually enjoy it. That's why sometimes when people asked me whether I'm bored or not, I don't really think so. =) 2 months already and I'm so used to the lifestyle here now; Being pampered and everything. When I get back, have to start stressing myself out again. =\ sigh~ Three words, I AM COMPLICATED!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


My blog is dead! HAHA! so dead. =p
My body clock is working abnormally nowadays. I laid down on bed at 2.30am yesterday and I couldn't sleep till 5am++! I was very awake at that time some more. Rolling from left to right, right to left as if the queen size bed was fully occupied by this active worm. =p So, I talked to him on phone till 8.45am and went to sleep after that. Woke up at 10.00am just now to get myself ready and I'm here, cheezbox restaurant meeting Karen for lunch. =) Guess not only my body's working 'cacat-ly', billions of brain cells were killed during the phone call too. Not to forget, eyebags dark circles pimples = complexion sucks! I can't blame or complain too much cause this is my own doing. -____- so suit myself! urgh~ *eh karen the late queen, I'm very hungry now la. =( where are you?*
oh ya ya! I have made it to the Academic Roll of Honour for AY08/09 Semester 2! =DD HAHA, I'm damn happy now! Well, nothing much to be proud of, BUT BUT! I never expect myself to be one of them eh. wee~ although there's nothing I can be rewarded with, but yea, HAPPY still! =D It's enough for me, really. And, I'm glad that my GPA in semester 2 never drop, instead, I actually improved. Haha. shocked! well, guess that I'm lucky though. =p In a way, it also motivates me to work harder in year 2. Have to aim for higher GPA! hope to have no regrets anymore. =\
*yay! karen, you're here! =p eating time! bye everyone. =)*