Saturday, May 31, 2008


warning: this post might be more into vain post. =D

Finally, it's over! The show was kinda successful and time flies really fast! enjoyed lots with the dancers and of course the dance too! Well, pictures down here can tell what had happened during those days.

ps: heavy make-up. zombie-like, smoky eyes, pale, fierce. the idea of the dance. =X..

During rehearsal.

before make-up, preparing. =D

after make-up.

something fly in front of me? =X

the two of us. @.@ scary..

"omg!! so scary and smoky ah you two! " want some more? continue then. XD ~

the devils..

me and chervalyn, a ballerina.

come to us~

Benjy! really pro pro pro in dance! XD. emo-ing* super funny cool guy + hip hop instructor of us. haha.

Cher, Frances, PeiYu, Me.

Jan the only guy. muahaha.

Ranjan the guy, and us.

AhhH! muscles.. =S


dead-like face. ZOMBIE.

vain vain..

last pic. emo*

btw, will upload the dance video once i get it. =D.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


well, don't know what to blog nowadays, so came out with this....


Frances + Susan's mini cosmetics table!

Feel so "shuang" everytime i see my mini table. her stuffs + my stuffs = WONDERFUL! muahaha. all cosmetic stuffs.

currently i'm using these products, everyday. from left to right: Toner, Comedone Complex, Moisturizer, Lotion + Foundation with SPF 30.

My daily face care routine: XD ~

1. Toner: Apply to the face after cleanse and before moisturize your face. Toner is a must as it is the first step of your face care routine. It also helps to hydrate and restore the pH balance of the skin, fight the aging process and to help prevent and clear blemishes. Besides that, it helps to minimize and tighten pores and kills bacterias and germs on your skin. =)

2. Comedone Complex: Apply it after toner. It helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads. Also helps to dissolve away keratin impacted in comedones. It has anti-bacterial activities too.

[keratin: a fibrous insoluble protein ; comedone: blackhead]

3. Moisturizer: After toner and comedone complex, then apply moisturizer. It helps in moisturize your skin so that it won't feel dry. it keeps your skin soft and nurtured. Sometimes, people's face tend to get oily because there is not enough water on the surface of the skin to protect it. so, it alerted the systems and thus produces oil to replace water. that's why, we have to use moisturizer lo.

4. Lotion + Foundation with SPF 30: this is the last step of my daily face care routine. Dont think i need to explain le la, it's quite clear what's the purpose of that.

other than those products, i'm using these different types of masks every week too. Peel-off mask, mask sheets, sleeping mask, white mud-nose pack.. almost all the products are from THEFACESHOP. I just simply love that shop thingy! =D

Perfume that i'm using now. in love with this perfume! XD ~ [ Winnie, this anna sui.. remember? wahahaha. =p ]

cam whore.. -.-"'

till here then!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


sorry for the late update. Was kinda busy these few days. =] forgive me!

Recently, i'm having dancing practice 2-3 times a week, 4+ hours each day. tired but fun. enjoyed ~ gonna perform for this upcoming show...

MOMENTUM 2008 - yea, it's RP's 1st dance festival. consists of RP's five premier dance groups ( Hip Hop, Malay Cultural Group, Indian Cultural Group, Social Dance and Modern Dance), NUS Dance Ensemble, SMU InDanCity, so on and so forth.

So, for those who are interested to watch and come and support us, tickets are available here. 28th and 29th May, 8pm @ TRCC Theatre. btw, ticket is only $10, so please come! it's worth to watch~ muahaha. =p


Well, as you can see (from newspapers, news, mouth, and everywhere), NATURAL DISASTERS everywhere!

first is Nargis Cyclone in Myanmar, then Earthquake in SiChuan, China. gosh~ people died, homeless, missing. the world is changing now. and it has been changing since long long time ago. it's getting more serious and scary. due to those two disasters, millions and millions of people died in that two countries, homeless and missing. There is nothing left for them. well, for you might sound nothing at all. or probably no feelings. some might even have this in their mind - "so what? none of my business and i dont even give a damn, i'm still alive here and i wont that "soi" (unlucky) to face this kind of problem one."

Try to put yourself into their shoes, what if, what if ( and who knows it really happens just right in front of you?) you were one of them, how do you feel? how do you feel when your family is missing or even died? how do you feel when you see these kind of situations when you wake up? and HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN YOU REALLY NEED HELP FROM OTHERS BUT THEY ACTUALLY JUST IGNORE YOU?

I really cant imagine that. i cant imagine if i were one of them, losing my beloved ones, or i might not be in this world already. SCARY MAN! those victims really need help from us. please please please do help them! be it in whatever ways, especially DONATION, and pray for them too. Your single cents will make their life different!

in Myanmar...

look at that baby's eyes... ='(

they are homeless...

lost their beloved ones...

they need you....

queue up for food...

there is nothing left...

please pray for them...

in China...

pity of them.. ='(

collapsed? =/...

now, what's with the world's economic le? rise or drop? which means the price (food) is going to increase too, especially RICE. gosh ~ =(

please do help and pray for them...

i dunno what inspired me to blog about this. but i really feel pity of them and they really need help from us. dont cha think so?


1 week ago, i received a letter and pictures from mummy! gosh! so happy! and not to forget, judy too.. i received a friendship card from judy too. hehe. thank you so much! muahz! (pics down here are blur)

from sweet sweet judy. =*

touched* pics and letter.

i juz simply love this pic! huggies*

miss them. ='/

no one can steal my love from you all le la.. =p


crazy relatives and family too. i miss u all la!!!

and i'm gonna end this post with...

fugly vain pic! muahaha. and i feel so lucky that we are still here in this world. ~ treasure it guys! hugs!