Saturday, February 21, 2009


HIHI guys! =D I'm officially known as LAZY BUM now. As i can hardly go online recently, therefore i'm lazy to blog too. The internet speed is testing my patience. seriously! urghh! Anyway, will just briefly update what have i done recently. Have been going out with friends and family recently. My valentine's day was kinda great too, even though it's not with him. =\ Yeap, went out with a group of friends instead. Movie, dinner and beach. =) Guess some of them had blogged about it too.
@ Jhy Haou's place. A lot of us almost got drunk and thanks to him. -____- @ Jerudong Beach during Valentine's day
Well, not much pictures though. lazy. =p For more pictures, can check it out from my facebook. =) Currently at Cheezbox restaurant, with seng wei and ern. As i always say, it's good to visit old friends and gather around. =) Can talk everything under the sun. Anyway, till here peeps. =D ps: I'm getting fatter now. -.- Weight still remains the same, but i don't know why, fats are accumulating around my waist, and face! Jeans and shorts are getting tighter, and i can even see my tummy protruding out when I wear shirts! That kind of "compliment" is definitely not a miss for me: "Wah, getting chubbier already huh." sigh~ think I should start to burn it from now on.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I don't know. I'm having mixed feelings at the moment. I find myself a complicated person. Just can't understand myself. sigh~ Well, helping out at Republic Polytechnic talks and seminar was great. the feedbacks were great too. Hopefully will see many juniors next year. =p Most of all, getting good results is the most important thing. With good results, you can enter any of the schools, colleges or universities. However, with bad results, none of the schools will want to accept you. agree? yea, so jia you peeps! =D ANyhow, currently at Jhy Haou's place, celebrating his birthday. =D at least there are some parties and RP thingy occupy me throughout the week. and not to forget, house chores too! -__________- Well, time flies really fast. I've been in Brunei for 3 to 4 weeks already. Left one more month and i'll be back again. woo~ hmmm.. gonna be alone during valentine's day. how pathetic. HAHA! what to do. one at the west, one at the east. =\ the funny thing is that, next year, the first day of CNY falls on valentine's day too! SAME DAY some more! ahh~ obviously i'll be in Brunei celebrating CNY lo.. -______- anyway, have to face it. there are things that we can't change no matter what. But, we can find ways to modify it, or adapt to it. be positive lo~ alright, till here then. gonna continue the gathering. =) tata~ =(

Friday, February 6, 2009


It is always good to visit your former school, and do some catch-ups with your teachers and friends. The feeling is so good. :) I like to recall the time when we all had fun together in secondary school, the nonsense stuffs we did and the place we used to hang out together. oh yea! the food in canteen too! gosh~ uber memorable la! =D Somehow, I feel great when I see familiar faces and know that they are doing well. Anyway, didn't really take much photos though. Kinda lazy with it already. Not in a blogging mood nowadays, so not really into taking photos. Have been visiting houses during cny. I find it great cuz it is one of the ways of meeting up and gathering with friends. Chit chat + gamble + laughter + gossips = =D Well, nothing much to post. I can sense that my life pace is very slow currently. haha. taking my own sweet time doing everything, I mean everything. =\ See ya people! =D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RP's education seminar in Brunei

A short reminder here people! RP's education seminar Date: 8th February 2009, Sunday Time: 2.30pm - 5.30pm Venue: Centrepoint Hotel, Purple Jade, Level 6, Gadong. If you are interested in knowing more about having a tertiary education in Singapore, do visit us at the upcoming education seminar. See you there! =)