Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 days left. =/

Random questions which my frens asked me:

Q: How long are u gonna study/stay in SG there?
A: Study for 3 years + work for 3 years.

Q: Will u miss us (brunei) when u're in SG?
A: Of cuz i will! So damn bu she de u guys ah! ='( can i bring all of u to SG? =DD

Q: Can i have ur SG contact number so that when i go to SG, i can look for u?
A: Yea, sure. No problem. XD if i get one. hehe.

And more more more questions, which i cant remember le. =/

A quick reply: I'll take care while in SG, dun worry. i'll enjoy while still can too, of cuz STUDY is my first priority. i know grace will nag me on this =p. haha. I'll come back during school holidays, if can. =D but but, i still dun wanna leave brunei la~ =(

Well, pictures for u guys. =)

Me, when i was 2 and a half years old. XD vrroomm~

And now, Me, 17 and a half years old. HAHA. cheers~!

That's all for today. =)

ps: my flight will be REAALL early on friday. dang~ *sweat*

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hey. =D new born of the blog. well, first post here. gonna be quite long ahead. First of all, the purpose of creating this blog is to update myself with u guys when i'm in singapore. Just in case, some of my close frens will worry about me, or even my family too. especially my mom. So, i'm here! =D hehe. well, i'm going to singapore very soon. probably will be on next friday, 29th. taking diploma in Business Computing, at Republic Polytechnic (RP). Study for 3 years and work for 3 years in singapore too. hope everything's gonna be fine! Feel so excited and nervous now, but yet, sad and hurt too. Sigh~ so sad to leave my frens and family here. i'm speechless. dunno how to say and wat to say, cuz there are toooo many things that i wanna tell u all. Poor in expressing my feelings, sorry for that! =( hope u guys can understand! (now i can understand how jane feels when she left brunei~) Just like wat grace and pin jia said, this is life. we meet and we separate too. Thanks to those who advised me, like : take care in sg oh, must becareful! ; sg very stressful de oh, be clever! ; sg's standard of living very high de o, be wise! ; dun get influenced by bad ppl overthere and more more more. Thank u all very much. =D yea, i'll always bear those in mind! Haven pack and buy my things yet. haha. that's typical me, last-minute-de-susan. Like i'm not ready to go to sg yet. =/ haha. hmm. think that's all for this first post le, if not, for sure there will be ppl facing their pc with eyes closed. haha. wish me luck in sg! =DD to frens: jia you oh! juz like i'll jia you over here! pia till the end together yea! miss u all ='(! support susan and for sure susan will support u too! hugs~ to mummy: ma, dun worry about me, i'll take care of myself overthere. will never let u down k! trust me! muahz! love u all lots lots! *XOXO* *5 days left in brunei. sniff*