Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's 6.15am right now and I'm still awake. My body clock is pretty much screwed up hope I wont die so early. Blog seems quite dead-ish because no one's tagging at all, but I know there are people visiting everyday, at least 10 according to site meter. not bad at least uhh. :D Still, thank you. Tomorrow's Malacca trip is on, but I have yet to tell my mom about it! Gotta call to tell her later. Meeting my aunt at the airport to pass her my mom's stuffs this afternoon, means I have to wake up early! I'm having a hard time walking right now. Why does everything have to be clashed together? Because of my left leg I can't really dance right now and I'm pretty sure this will be a burden during the trip as well! I can feel the pain starts coming from the right leg now. =( Anyhowww, thanks to D for massaging mai leg and put on salonpas for me every night though I don't feel there's any differences haha. Tomorrow's trip will be D and I's first trip to overseas (although it's only a bridge ahead anyway, he said). Looking forward to it, I AM SHOOO EGGCITED! Well, he's treating me like a princess recently that's why I'm quite perky. HAHAHA! Hope I'll enjoy the trip !
Ain't he cute and naive back then?
tsk tsk tsk.
It's six porty-pive am right now and I really should catch some sleeeep! Mornight readers!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I always have so much to blog in mind when I'm away from my laptop but when I'm in front of my laptop, my mind is always blank. Well life's treating me good recently except for this part; I sprained my left ankle. Not exactly the ankle but it's above the heel, the part where you can feel the nerves and veins. If you get what I mean. It stings! It feels like it's pumping and biting my veins every second even though I'm not walking at all. All of time but now. Great. I'm gonna miss dance lesson today, sigh. I might be going to Malacca this thursday! Well even though I've booked and paid for the ticket already but I'm still hesitating. FYI, I'll be taking a luxury tour bus from sg. Mom said she's worried about the long distance and my safety. She said I decide on my own. I'm not going alone though, Dom and our friend will be going too, and we will meet up dom's parents over there. See, isn't that bad right? What should I do? I'll feel bad for mom if I go! =\ She's always worried about things though, no matter what. Guess I shall just go ahead, since she said I decide myself? :D I should just enjoy while I can isn't. OKAY, GOING IT IS I! :D Means, I'll be missing 2 dance lessons again. And I'll be freezing another dance again! omg! Here goes again! =S

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy is me!

I had a sweet time with daddy today! Yeap just the both of us. We had lunch together, chatted and watch movie in the afternoon. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is a good show to watch, recommended! Dad was so shocked and couldn't recognize John Travolta (one of the male leads) in the movie until I showed him his previous photo. Daddy is so cute he said he wants to be like John Travolta because he's damn big size with a bald head and mustache now! I made cheesecake yesterday. It was a success, I guess? It looks good and tastes delicious, BUT! the crust does not stick onto the cheese it's all over the place! Guess I need to put a lot more butter next time. I'll try to make different flavour for the next one! :D I think i enjoy baking cakes now haha! I'm going back very very soon, like next week? Sigh. Life life. If there's a job as a slacker I'm the first person to apply it I swear! Can I just retire now? HAHA! Reality sucks. And hopefully thing gets better when I get back to sg!