Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You are beautiful as you are

Life has been pretty smooth recently. It's been so long since I stepped in here.

3 months after lessons ceased, I only started writing my resume last week and applied for a job. I got my first application and interview done last week and signed contract yesterday. I guess I'm quite blessed because everything seems very smooth and planned. I am really thankful with what I have right now and the people around me who never stop supporting and motivating me. I will be starting my training class in 3 weeks time, provided my pass will be approved at the mean time as well.

Can't wait to start work, meet new friends and learn new things! EGGCITED.

I am sure there will be small humps along the road, but I am always ready with my vehicle to drive over the imperfect humps.

Be grateful in life, people.