Saturday, August 30, 2008


ps: short post only. =D
bye brunei~
i'm back to SG! back to normal, again. household chores, study, independent, fun, unhealthy food [XD], crazy-ing, frens~! school gonna reopen soon, 3rd of september. need to wake up early, again.. -____- fun time is always that short! how come? i dun understand. sigh~ =\
lil bro is definitely missing me rite now! lonely ovethere huh? called and texted me always. how sweet. yesh, i miss u too. =') and not to forget, the paranoid mom too. i love u! please dun worry about me k, i'm always fine! =D and daddy too.
oh well, susan is a happy girl rite now! =DD HUGS ADDICTED! XD.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hang Out Hang Out Hang Out!
yea, have been hanging out with friends these few days. well, picture post! Friday, 22nd August 2008.
yea, them. lovely friends. =D okay, let me explain. have you guys ever realise that whenever we walk around in the shopping centre, then after sometimes we have nowhere to go, everyone will like gather in a circle and start to chat around? haha. common habit. =X in a super mini k-box! squueeze and cheeese!! *blur. this is my first time hearing this VAIN GUY singing. muahahha. so cute la.. XD. then after that, i went to school to play netball. =DD weee~ rust already. din play for half year already. =S Saturday, 23rd August 2008. Hanged out with the girls too. watched wall-E @ cinema. nice movie. =D after that movie, everyone was like WAAALLL-EEEEE............ EEEEVVVVEEEEEEEEEE......... hahaha. ah.. vain vain in the toilet.. our tradition. HAHA! then, went to Swensens to have our dinner! group photo. XD. vain vain vain. jia and i! me and the chio bu. =D wee~ vain asses. us. love u all! =DD karen brought her paloroid camera.. or polaroid? haha. so confusing. anyway, she brought her special camera and took it. instant! and gave me! hugs karen. love it. =D after group phototaking, we then went to supermarket.. to buy veggies and meat.. HAHA.. nah, went there to lame!! XD. lame-d.. with utensils.. customers were looking at us when we're taking pics thou. haha. who cares! XD. solo~ okay, there are too much to post it up, might as well just put all together in one. hahha. enjoy! duet~ HAHAHA.. u guys are juz psychotic! watch too much wall-E already. XD. chop chop chop! future moms! later tat nite, went to meet ping and his family, last min. =D well, i think that's all. hope i didnt miss any of the photos. =D. 2 more days and i'm back to sg! =D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

cammy ~

At coffee zone again.. and this time is with my bro. he came after school just to accompany me. how nice. =D Sometimes, i rather choose to be alone in doing things, as i dun wanna bother others or trouble them at all. and sometimes, you will even have awkward feelings when you're out with ppl. so why not just try to go out on ur own and be free? XD. and that's why i rather choose to be alone in doing stuffs, be it shopping, chilling, settling stuffs and watever, other than asking ppl out with me though. is this so-called independent? HAHA. *bang!* watever~* Anyway, was trying out with my camera these few days, and i'm gonna post some pics up. it's a lot of pics apparently. XD. and some random photos too. picture post ~!
went to Dee Jay few days ago to visit my ex-colleagues. and there they are~ as usual. well, a lot of things happened in DeeJay this past six months. =X cute lil cousin! And now, to my house~ 113... steep down to my house. weee~ okie, this is my house, small yet warm and sweet home. =) wind blows~ view from my house. far far away~ prettaye~
meow~ as my model too. XD.
love it! ahem~ excuse me! the only one.. yea, we rear chickens.. pok pok pok!! XD. and this is our mother goose! the noisiest yet protective among all! this is the chicken which lays egg almost everyday. XD. house compound. flowers and plants, mom's favourite. bushy~ back view of my house. jungle-ish! haha. look like i live in a jungle huh. junggie life! .dispersed. kitty. innocent looks* okay, that's all about my house. =| went to met him, ing wei, few days ago. he's still the same, LAMing. hmpf~ forced to take vitamins everyday. so many can? *puke* eeww~ HIM the bro, my lil driver! muahaha. and a good companion too, who drives me out and accompany me. LOVE U! XD. muahaha. HAHAHA! stupid bro! neh~ i know u love me too! lala~ Well, i went to CHMS just now, my old school. XD. miss those days~ met some teachers and juniors. =DD wee~ chms changed a lot thou. renovation, moved, new buidlings.. whoa~ i almost went wrong to the office just now. primary and kindergarten block. secondary block. didnt manage to take the new buildings, as the weather was very hot just now. XD. went to find BLUE FISH TOO! hahaha. she's still the same, very typical blue fish! just simply love her! know wat? she's still the same blue fish that she even asked me to play "er hu" [ chinese musical instrument] with her, despite i graduated. HAHA. miss playing er hu with her though. not bad la, my skills are still there, not yet deprove. XD. her common phrase : " shu xian, lai, take a "er hu" and play with me! quick quick!" then keep teaching me with the codes... and yada yada yada... If she were to be my mom, i think she will ask me to play those instruments at home everyday lo, which i'll go crazy! XD. hahaha. and lastly, gonna end the post with this... -no description- HAHA. oh well, got meaning, but dunno how describe, cuz i suck at it. XD. ta ta~