Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Finally! Have been wanting to blog but was kinda busy with studies. I think I only did well in one UT among 4 and the rest confirm screwed up already. sigh~ Guess I have to buck up for the 3rd UT again. Stress!
Above is the daily grade and 1st UT grades. It is very hard for me to achieve As for my daily grade nowadays. That's why I print-screen this to make me feel better whenever I look at it. Usually I'm fated with B! B! B! B! B! Sigh, where are my As? losing touch with it already. Anyway, I'm kinda satisfied with my UT grades though. Except for one, B+. Because I could actually get A just by one mark only! ONE MARK! damn pek cek! 1 mark, or even 0.5 does make a big difference I tell you. Giving myself high expectations so that I can aim high for my GPA, not kiasu k; treated it as a challenge.
------------------ These are what I've been doing recently.. - Do exercise and jog regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. - Eat fruits and drink fruit juices. - Eat vitamins everyday. - Control myself from eating extra; proper meals and no supper! - Study for tests. - and so on and so forth! I'm proud of myself! HAHA! Hope this will last! As people said that I'm getting fatter now, that's why I'm on diet + fitness plan so that i can lose some weight and fats! It's obvious that my face is getting chubbier now than before. so yea. =|
I had my first ever manicure (as in not by myself) last Thursday and I loved it! However, the blink blinks are starting to go off already. =( Now my nails look cacat. -.- END! LOL.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early birds != fresh worms?

I didn't know that there are AIR ASIA flights from Singapore to Miri until my bro told me today! I've booked a return flight via RBA last month from 11th September to 27th September, Singapore - Brunei and it costs me SGD320, whereas Airasia more or less SGD 150++. LOL. Am I too early or what? This proves that being an early bird doesn't mean you will get fresh worms as well! See, mummy, that is what will happen when you got paranoid and become 'gan jiong spider'! Too kiasu liao. HAHA! Oh well, what to do? booked and paid already. Nvm, I'm still happy that I've got a direct flight from Sg to Brunei, because I don't have to wait and travel for additional 2 hours back to Brunei again! =p wee~

Sunday, July 12, 2009


BOO! I know, I know. DEAD right? LOL. Was kinda lazy to blog recently; no mood, no inspiration, tests attacked, busy and yada yada. There are actually a lot to blog about, but I don't know how to consolidate, arrange and put them into words. Guess my vocabularies and expression sucks. Now now, will just let the photos do the talking then.
28th June, filming:
the male lead. the couple, aka the director and the assistant. Raffles Place. LOL. what a face. April, ex housemate and I. begger! looked pro. one word, silly! 10th July, STEAM BOAT @ School! this cost us $6 per set only. Damn cheap! :) 7th July, photography lesson: Below are the photos that I personally took and like very much. :) Welcome to RP. U and I. one of the buildings.. sports complex I love this. Natural and cheerful. ;) pebbles! .red. white.
Well, I had to say that RP is a good place to take photos though. The architecture, the nature and everything they have there. By the way, I was using Canon 350D to shoot. Not bad right my skills? LOL! thick skin. Anyway, I love photography, just that I don't have such a good equipment to play with. Overall, it was fun! I'm so gonna buy a DSLR when I can afford one next time. BUT, NEED is more important than WANT, so this will take a looong time to be mine again. haha. Guess I'll stop here to let this post as a picture post, so that it won't be that wordy. Any more, that will be the next post!
a CHEEENA face for all of you.
ta ta people!