Tuesday, July 29, 2008


HIHI guys! haha. i know i know, my blog is dying now. so here comes SUPER SUSAN to save it! haha. lame! XD. oh well, end of july now. meaning that august is coming. haha. sorry for being lame again.

No no, it's supposed to have meanings one. End of July means...

1. almost end of 1st semester in year 1. =D ( two more weeks to go!)

2. gonna start 2nd semester soon. =]

3. gonna change new class, which means gonna meet new friends / new classmates ( as we change class every new semester) =( & =D

happy and sad lo. HAPPY is that, can meet and know more new friends. since it's 2nd semester, meaning that, we will be having different modules (so-called subjects too) too, new! =) as for the SAD one, which mean the current classmates that i'm having now, are going to separate soon. =( will no longer ( less chance) be having fun together, crazy together, tease each other and violent together, and and, no one will bully my elly le! haha. ='(

(mid of august) super happy for this. muahahha. i just cant wait ! for sure there will be a lot of stuffs to do during this upcoming holidays. hmm.. gonna find things to do here. HAHA! excited!

Oh well, time flies very fast, really. just a blink and it's almost half a year of staying here le. OMG. i can't really believe this. and i'm gonna graduate soon! haha. 2 and a half years to go! haha. Trust me, 3 years ain't that long though. and soon, i'm gonna meet those who will be coming to singapore for further studies! Hor pin jia hor, lynn hor, winnie hor, everyone HOR! hahaha. XD. yay! dun worry, i won't run away, as i'll stuck here for at least 6 years. =)

anyway, juz a short post here, to keep my blog alive. i gotta sleep now! school and test tomoro! haha. still blogging. tsk tsk.. XD.


we now present you a cute ELLY with her favourite product....

let's welcome her!!

cute ELLY and "eclipse" !

taking "eclipse" can help you slim down, and even fit into it's casing! trust her, you will not regret owning this product and 100% satisfaction!

HAHA! lame lame. i'm sure those boys will miss my elly lo~ haha. you know who you are~ XD.

till here then. ta ta~ huggies!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

random me.

blog blog blog. what to blog nowadays? Hmm.. I seriously dunno what to blog. =/ always feel bad to keep u all wait for my next post after i posted one.

Well, i'm kinda free at the moment (at this few hours time), so thought of blogging. Sometimes, i really dunno what i want. I feel so uneasy when i'm free. it's like, i'm so used to busy busy life; fully packed schedules, but once i'm free for ONE day only and got nothing to do, i feel very very weird, empty.

Example, usually i got dance classes after school during weekdays, then have to do RJ, revise for next Understanding Test[UT] (usually last min XD), and bla bla bla. and TODAY, went to dance class and back home. i have no RJ to do, nothing for me to revise cuz no UT tomoro. HAHA. and i'm so free now. i'm supposed to feel relaxed and enjoy my free time since it's very "nan de", but dunno why? always want to find something to do. psycho~

but then.. sigh~! what do i want? when i'm very busy and tired, how i wish i could have extra and more time for me to accomplish my stuffs, or rather slack and have nothing to do at that time. where as, when i'm totally free and got nothing to do, i'll feel weird and uneasy. not used to it.

*stupid + random = susan*

Human is juz like this, can never satisfy with what they have now. when they have this, they will complain and say " how i wish i have that.." or " eee.. i dun want my this this this.. " and vice versa. and human being, will never appreciate until they lost it. SIGH! life is complicated! agree agree? haha. XD.

i have been sleeping quite late nowadays ( it's "always' apparently) .. can say, used to it le ba? i can't sleep that early everynite. before, the earliest time i used to sleep was at 12am. and NOW, the earliest time is 1am+!! note that, EARLIEST time. the probability of me sleeping EARLY now is 1/10. HAHAHA. terrible susan~ i'm turning to the picture above le, serious. @.@

oh well, what a worddie post today. juz to kill my boredom for one nite only. haha. LAME! ta ta~


random + crazy + insane + bad temper + psycho = Susan !

Sunday, July 13, 2008


ps: picture post. XD.

Yesterday, had an outing with the silly boys from Brunei. Went to Science Centre @ Jurong East, then to City Hall. Wanna see how silly are we? Scroll down then. hold own ur gas and dun laugh. XD.

here we are~

seng wei, my sister. "long time no see." haha. typical him! XD.

reflection. can see the difference? the man on the steel pole and the pic on the floor. cool~


and after. cool~

forced seng wei to sit on electric shock chair. hahaha. he shouted XXX when he get shocked. damn funny la!! MUAHAHHA! sorry seng wei.

posers. XD.

so many styles ah this seng wei.

syiok on massage chair!

cool effect. no pic-editing.

these diseases are most UNwanted. but to seng wei, he wants all!

so then, he picked this. hepatitis disease. HAHA. shiu~

hmmm.. open up~ let me check ur eyes.. XD.

so many actions. tsk tsk tsk.

hey guys, wat will happen if i really train to become like this? MUAHAHAH. eww~

hey, this one suits you. BAMBOO! =p

let me out! let me go!

SW!! wat's wrong with your head? where's your body? dun throw it away, at least i can sell it at pasar. XD.

concave mirror.

And i'm gonna spoil my own reputation with the next pic. omg~

convex mirror! =X i'm fat. wahahaha. laugh all u can! i'm even laughing at myself. =)

such a poser~

i hate seng wei, cuz he's photogenic + poser pro! HAHA. =p

stinky nose! omg, we're ruining the stuffs there.

kiss him dino kiss him~

under the sea~ under the sea~ in the aquarium~ in the aquarium~


Seng Wei was trying to "gay" sen ern with his hairs. but ern always freaked out whenever wei do that. damn funny la.

wei: "lai lai~ dun be shy~"
ern: " eee! dun gay me ba. very gay-ish u know?"

ern: "go away and dun touch me!"
Wei: "lala~ i dun care! lai~ "

wei: " OUCH!"
ern: "and this is wat u get in return! >=) "

typical seng wei, who will be back to brunei this wednesday.

very-the-tall buildings.. -___-'''

we went to city hall there again. NICE LA!

the so called "UFO" and swiss hotel.
winnie, i managed to take the top le. =D
to ALIEN, nah.. my UFO parked here lo. =p can see? haha XD.

cheers~ but i dun drink. =D

while having dinner at the river side, fireworks started! our timing so good. hahha.



nite view.

the pic is kinda small. but was able to take the stretched view. so beautiful. esplanade + singapore flyer~ =DD click on the pic if wanna see the bigger size.

So, who's next coming to singapore here? let go crazy again! muahahha. =p

damn tired. lack of sleep nowadays. -____-. panda-to-be in future! very soon. haha. oh well, till here then. tata! =D

Saturday, July 5, 2008


don't know why, but kinda in love with cooking nowadays. HAHA! such an auntie or mummy. XD. Cooking is fun though, especially when u look at ur "products" after u cooked, feel so proud and happy lo, provided that they say "delicious" too! don't you guys think so?

herbal chicken. yum! My mom bought some herbal packets (for cooking soup) for me and thanks to Sen Ern, the agent who passed it to me when he came to SG. =D Thank you~

One of the daily dinner, tomato minced beef and cabbage.

Now, here's the exciting part. XD. doh~

we bought a whole chicken and decided to cook for dinner. but after we bought it, we were wondering...

"who's going cut it ah?"
"i dun dare to cut le!"
"you cut ah. i dun want! =p"

ME: "fine then. i cut i cut. i THINK i know how to cut eh.. ehehehe.. -__-''' "



I was wondering, how can they put the feet into the body? OMG! so freaking hard to take out la! pull pull pull~!

1, 2 and 3 ! PULL! and finally it's out~ pheew~

there you go, another leggy~ -__-'''

after that, cut the whole chicken to pieces. tada~

then marinade it with salt and pepper, and add ginger and garlic on top.

and steam it till the chicken is cooked! simple and easy~


my poor elephant..

childish + lame guys..

now the doggy of my fren's is another victim le..