Friday, April 1, 2011


Brunei was definitely fun. Although it was short 3 weeks only, I have to admit it was fruitful and interesting. During this trip, I realized the importance of having friends around and not to forget, family too. No matter what happen, you must not neglect your friends and family because they will always be there for you under any circumstances.

Everything is so vague right now and I dare not to make any moves. I am currently doing nothing here, just hoping for the good news after the submissions. It is so hard to rest my mind it keeps running non stop fretting about future. What can you do when you only have this much? Not much. I can only make full use of what I am left with. What to do? Life is tough.

Anyway, while waiting for everything, I think I should really relax first. There's no point rushing everything when you are not given with good options nor make right decision, right?

Alright, gotta head down to cinema for a movie now. xoxo!