Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tagged by SuLee, Grace and YenChuan (few weeks ago). =p
Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.
I've changed " What is your ambition" to "Should guy or girl take the initiative?"
1. At what age do you wish to marry?
hmm.. depends lo. 24~28?
2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
3. What's your favorite thing to do?
dance + sleep = HEAVEN! XD ~
4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
yea, money can buy happiness but not all happiness can be bought with money!
5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
hmm~ i want my family and friends to be here with me!
6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
i seriously dun believe i can survive without money. Money does not mean everything but we still need money to do certain things.
7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
my family!!
8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
if i really won that, will think of it by that time! XD ~
9. What is the one thing that makes you happy?
can change to MANY things? haha. being with friends and family, SHOPPING, dancing and bla bla..
10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
great! wonderful! fabulous! =p
11. What are the requirements that you wish from the other half?
wow.. that's alot! =p. gentleman, initiative, handsome, tall, caring, thoughtful, well-off, not demanding, independent, understanding, sweet, generous.. and more? =p
12. What type of person do you hate the most?
a lot too! selfish, show-off, ego, bitchy, inconsiderate, self-centered, slackers, sluts and yada yada yada.
13. Should guy or girl take the initiative?
duh~ of cuz GUY should take the initiative la. if not? XD.
14. If you can teleport once, where would you go?
my home sweet home in brunei!
15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
haha. family lo.
16. If you could undo doing one mistake in the past, what would it be?
i'll put ALL my mistakes into ONE mistake, then undo it! clever huh~ =p
17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
impatient and bad temper. gosh ~ these 2 are worst!
18. What is the one thing you definitely can do without?
pimples!! muahaha! i juz dun like u! shoo~ and fats too! go away!
19. What is the one thing you cannot do but you wish you could?
to be a millionaire right now. haha. money face! crazy~
20. If one day you couldn't do the things that you are used to doing now anymore, how would you feel?
i'll feel cacat-ness! i'll collapse too~

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Muahaha.. kiasu le. i wanna tag everyone! =p

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry for the late updates. was busy throughout the whole week. really don't have time to update my blog during weekdays, packed. was sick for the whole week. gosh ~ again* Deep voice, i had. =/

daily routine [weekdays] : wake up, bath, eat, school, lunch, school, dance, cook, dinner, clean & wash, bath, do Reflection Journal (something like school assignment and must submit by 11.59pm every weekdays.), then sleep!

by the time we wanted to sleep, it's already 12+am or 1am+. so no time to blog. XD. sorry! so end up blog once a week only. ehehe`~ patient!

throughout the week ~

had a surprise birthday for classmate, Syaz, our class's fire starter.

this is wat the guys in our class always do, CounterStrike freaks. =p

On Friday, 25th april, we had ISC Malaysian Chapter BBQ Gathering. had lots of fun that nite!


BBQ! my throat.. die liao la. HAH!

posers~ wahahha.

some games and performances after the BBQ session.

after the gathering, we all rushed back to do RJ again. =/ mood spoiler ~ >.<

On 26th April, saturday morning, after we sent the tuition grant agreement to our home country @ SINGAPORE POST, we did shopping again, at bugis street! =DD bought clothes and shoes. opps~ XD.

had lunch at Burger King.

drools*! muahaha. sore throat + flu and turned MAN voice le still eat those. d-e-l-i-cious!

later that night, we had party and gathering again! where was that? at someone's house lo. quite close de ISC seniors. hehe. that nite was really fun. OHANA ~ we played, joked around, do stupid things, and sang too!

eeww~ what a fake watermelons-boobs!


chef of da nite!

food! fried ~ my throat.... =/

oo~ shuai ge. XD the ghost stories teller! i'm gonna haunt u down for scaring me the whole nite!

punished with yucky + full of ingredients and "tasty" drink!

playing with cards.

concert concert ~ XD.

had a small gathering in the study room. squeezy yet fuN! full of laughters and craziness that nite! some of them really have good voices la. melted when they sing! haha. we ended at 3am.

it's monday tomoro. sigh~ school again! waiting for another weekend. XD.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Student Life Activities Fiesta [SLA Fiesta] in RP

what is SLA Fiesta? Well, it's something like ECA, activities, clubs in our school. our school had SLA Fiesta from 16th april ~ 18th april, which the students in RP can go around the booths and sign up for the clubs that you want to join. there are soo many clubs and IG [interest group], more than 200 clubs and IG man!! so, if you can think of any clubs, sure you can find that in the exhibition one. Like SPORTS ; basketball, netball, dragon boat, badminton, tennis, table tennis, adventure learning, football, and many many many more. for DANCE ; there are hip hop dance, modern dance, social dance ( latin, salsa and bla bla ), cheerleading. CULTURAL GROUP ; malay cultural group, japanese cultural group, indian cultural group, chinese cultural group, lion and dragon cultural troupe and more. then for MUSIC ; chinese orchestra, rhapsody (A capella), Beats Encore (Percussion Ensemble), Genre (Guitar Ensemble), String Ensemble, Replug ( including piano and all those ), Wind Symphony and many many more. the others are 'in-vogue club' (it's like something about make up, modeling, hairstyling....), international student club (ISC) magic, GAMING IG ( not only play, but they teach you how to design and create game), comedy, drama, studio and bla bla. too many to mention. cant remember.

gosh ~ i sooo wanted to join all man! but then.. time management!! so, i only joined MODERN DANCE, HIP HOP DANCE, INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB and IN-VOGUE CLUB. I want to join NETBALL too (chinese orchestra as well), but then the training time clash with modern dance. so.. yea. =p currently, i'm having modern dance class, twice a week. only the STRETCHING and WARMING part can crack all your bones, build up your muscles ( as in burn your fats and make you have flat abs, make you strong and energetic somemore! ) and sweat like hell.. muahaha! after class, always here pain there pain, got bruises on my knees somemore! =/ after some times, i think i'll be as flexible and bendable as vicky too! XD ~ HAHA. hmm.. those clubs are enough for me at the moment [more than enough, i think ~]. so, we're gonna have auditions for those two dances IG, soon. jia you!!

wow, so wordy up there. hehe. i'll post up some pics during SLA Fiesta down here. [sorry if some pics are shaky and blur] =D ~

during exhibition, booths survey ~

crowded ~ and we stayed quite long at this booth juz to kacau them! haha. coffee's fault of being so hyper.

japanese cultural group. they knelt down and begged us to join. wahaha. NO LA, jk! that's japanese culture thou. XD.

some demonstrations and games during exhibition.

magic ~ we were cheated by him.

dong dong qiang ~

this percussion ensemble IG so cool and nice! love the beats and the way they play!

some performances from respective IG and club. this is modern dance ( or hip hop? forget le. )

Frances got her drawing on hand by one of the students in ART CLUB.

and obviously, a VAIN pic. XD ~ Lala~

Ta ta ~ ]=D !

Sunday, April 13, 2008

brand new ~

good news here!! my appeal of the moving room has approved and now i moved to Frances's room already! new room with new house mates! home sweet home~ finally! =D so happy. hehe.

my new room.

my table with bedazzled lappy ~ XD

this, the crazy + blur vietnamese girl. my goshh~ she's so curious with everything and full of questions in her mind. sometimes, we stressed because of her! XD ~ her brain is really pure and innocent. hmm. must pollute her after sometimes. wahaha. =p she's juz like second Vicky, my classmate in CHMS, brunei who went to malaysia already. miss uu ~

And, proudly present....

my new handphone, sony ericsson K850i ! with new number too. so, for those who wanna update with my new number, contact me at msn, susan_lsx@hotmail.com, or tag me at chatbox, will find ways to give u. OR, u can message to my old number, +6590945016 to ask for it. hehe. =D i'm no longer using my old number already, so update urself yea!

Monday, April 7, 2008

3 days orientation + first day of school.

our school orientation held for 3 days, 2nd april ~ 4th april. really enjoyed these 3 days lo. unique and special. XD ~ met lots of new ppl. weeE ~

1st day of orientation, 9am to 2pm

first day of orientation was okay lo. had something like " demo or trial or mock " lesson in class just to let us get used to it. nothing much happened, met my classmates.

2nd day of orientation, 9am to 4pm

well, on the 2nd day, we separate to our own schools and centres. i'm taking business computing, which is under School of Infocomm (or information? ) Technology in RP. had lots of programs on that day, like school cheers, introduction, talk of the courses and games too like treasure hunt, ice breakers and yada yada. had fun ~ XD.

3rd day of orientation, 9am to 10.30pm!!

this day was the most fun and great day! had games the whole day. and the most exciting is.... We break the Guinness Book of World Records and Singapore Book of Records!!!! muahaha.. u might ask: what record? serious ka? sure or not?

Yea it's true! really really sure! our school, with 1320 students, joined the LEAPFROG EVENT. how do we break the record? well, we hopped over people and smashed the world record for the most number of participants in a leapfrog event. the old record was set by 1,197 leapfroggers in Germany in 2006, i'm bad in describing, so just post up some pics. =) then at nite, we had party in school! something like concert too. bands playing hot songs, DJs twisting or turning and playing with the CDs or machines. [ wat do u call that? i dunno how to describe ] haha. and and, the super shuang part is, we have DISCO!!! wuhoOO~ so long din dance le. everyone danced and sang like crazy! haha. enjoyed a lot!

Some pics of the leapfrog event. =)

news article of the event. small ~

preparing and waiting for the time the break the world record! XD. so many froggies ~ wahaha.

me: hey froggie frances and tiffany, can u show the example of leapfrog?

we were given this bandana.

is this leapfrog also? or leapSPIDER? HAHA! nOOO way!! tiffany, the crazy + funny + blur + brainless [=p] vietnamese girl, wanted me to carry her after climbing stairs. but she's too heavy for me to carry! muahaha XD ~ so end up this post, fall down. opps ~

well, school started today. quite nice lo, not bad. =D juz that toooooo many people in the school. leng luis and shuai ge wor ~ =p my goshh ~ especially during lunch time, full and packed, queue and no seats in foodcourts. RP already has two foodcourts [ lil bigger than CHMS's canteen ] yet there are not enough seats too. fuuU ~ hope the new foodcourts open soon. hehe. i think that's all. ta ta ~ enjoy and have a nice week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

" Politics~ ? "

I shud juz keep my mouth shut about JC and polytechnics stuffs. Jasmine, there's a mini mini WAR at my CHATBOX too! U brought this to here huh ~ whack ur butt! Haha =p Aiyo, just like Yii Sian said, all schools are nice, what for do we need to argue? depends on which course u're taking, ur interests, ur ABILITY to study in that school and bla bla lo. Rite? Anyway, the most important thing is make up your own mind and dun get influenced by people's rumours or cow dung. and make sure that u've made the right decision. that's all. =D Stop attacking each other schools', if u never study or learn at that school before, dun judge them and u dun have the right to judge too. =) agree? so, juz be *peace peace* and find research yourself. if not, you go and open a school lo if you're steady enough. XD ~ settled* HAHA! ps: I really super duper hate when people criticize my school. no matter my school is good or bad, i really dun like thou. that's why u can see from my chatbox and Jasmine's chatbox, i was quite rude and angry about the schools "politics". ehehe. paiseh ah ~ XD. Well, cut off the craps up there. hmm.. seems like many people are studying overseas. Jane, Yii Sian, Eng Kee, Collie and Elena are in KL, Seng Wei, Zen Lee, Henry, Sotong, Pui King? and Yung Ping, are in Miri, Ngok lin in Sabah liao? and i'm in Singapore! ( sorry if i missed out anyone, cant really remember who's outta brunei le. =/ ) there will be more people out of brunei too, soon ~ i guess* =p waiting for ya guys ~ Ta ta ~