Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fly away!

YAY I finally flew a kite! Well, to be precise, 2 kites. Just when I was in a hyper mood seeing the kite flew higher than the HDB flat, then it flew away due to my clumsiness as I accidentally let go off my hands when holding the string. It was hilarious looking at the handle flew together with the kite and Dom had to run and catch it like mad but failed. The wind was too strong and it flew away just like that. I wonder where did the kite go after that? Hit some random car on the road? stuck on the tree? Or fly into a hdb flat. HAHA! Denise brought down a mat and Hazel tagged along after that. I did not want it to end just like that because everyone was there! So D went to get moolah and we got another kite from 7-11 again. Yeap we flew and ran happily. :D Next aim, picnic with sandwiches and juice! Oh, he's gonna bring me to get my eyes fixed this saturday I'm getting blind! Er short-sighted actually.
hello mini eyes hotdog lips square centralized face! :D

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