Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"Tell me what you think about my future." "For you, you're a happy person. Especially when you're with your husband, you will always be happy and cheerful." "Why?" "It is because you value things, you value and appreciate for who he is." "Ahh I see." "When your husband sees you happy, he himself will be very happy too. That's why your husband will want to work even harder for you, just to give you the best." "How do you know?" I questioned again with a doubtful thought. He laughed out loud with red face. "Are you referring to yourself?" He laughed damn hard again and smiled from ear to ear. ME SO HAPPY! :D Because he doesn't behave that sweet at all usually. Imagine a guy who plays games and guitar all the time, totally impatient, not romantic at all and don't shop or follow you whenever you go. OKAY I WAS JUST EXAGGERATING. LOL! He picks me up after work every single time irregardless how late it is, he buys/tapao food so that I don't go hungry, he waits for me during lunch so that we can eat together everyday, he comforts me whenever I'm down, he bought a bouquet of roses for me after my performance, he always let me win whenever we fight verbally or physically, he makes fun of my flaws and still tell me that they are cute and special and yada yada yada. *goosebumps* Okay all I wanted to say is that he's very sweet. (: This post will be totally opposite from the previous post I guess. I'm much better now, as in mentally. Sometimes you just got to leave yourself alone and think through about everything. At least this works for me. Like they said, take your time and go with the flow; don't push yourself too much. All I can say is things are falling into places gradually. Why not slow and steady win the race.(: Things are sailing smoothly except for my FYP. The deadline is in 2 weeks time and I'm still hanging there. =S I can predict my upcoming days already. Sighh. Nevermind, food can make me happy. :|

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