Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yes, Like finally I've got wee bit of time to blog about my recent life! OXYGEN!!! :D Sorry for MIA for quite a long time and yes, my blog is so dead. -.- Only those advertisements entertained me (thank you) LOL! Reflections is finally over, First UTs are over as well, and now I have to focus on ISF. Oh not to forget Monday's PP Presentation! and and, DRAWINGS as well! =|
11th Nov Wednesday night, Muse II 20th Nov Friday night, Reflections closing bash + flame awards + afterparty! :D Enjoy hell lots yesterday night! :D
More photos of this, click here ! :D
Next, just wanna say that, I've got the academic awards 2009 for being in the top 10% of students for good academic performance in the Diploma (*self pat) :D Alright, that's all. and please TAGGGGG to keep this blog alive! regardless you're a passerby, strangers, friends, family and whosoever. :D compliments and critiques are acceptable! Thank you very much!

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