Wednesday, January 6, 2010


LOL! Yes I'm still alive. Just that kinda lazy to blog or too busy. I believe that you guys can get any updates from my facebook right? I'm more active in fb apparently. So i think this blog is somehow unnecessary already. =\ However, I still visit my blog everyday though. LOL. Still, big thanks to those who still visit my blog everyday just to check whether I update or not. Sank kew veri mach! :D Exams are happening these two weeks and I'm totally unprepared! I have no idea how to start. -.- At the same time, am having lots of rehearsals for events too. Great. I guess I should just give up on studies and move forward to performing arts side. Maybe this might excites me more. :D Okay, below is the summary of what I've done during December 09. :D
ISF 2009
My choreography, Chinese dance; Mo Li Hua. Modern Dance; Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia. International peeps. <3 W65G Class Outing @ Marina Barrage Chong Pin Jia's Invasion; Shopping, makan, outings, broke! First ever Xiao Long Bao. yummm! Modern Dance X'mas Party; Masquerade! Steamboat during New Year Eve @ Dom's and.. my forever retarded <3. :D
Oh well, feel like it's still 2009 though. To me, it makes no big difference. I don't have any new year or 2010 resolution and stuffs because I don't believe in this kind of thing. It doesn't work for me apparently. HAHA! Guess 'procrastinator, slacker, complainer, angsty' will forever be with me. It's impossible to change la, please. :D 2010, just hope that I live it to the fullest, that's all. :D *shucks, gotta get back to studies, dance, events and rehearsals. -.-*

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