Friday, February 12, 2010

End of Year 2!

OMG! Exams finished! :DDDDD No more burden for now! I know that my GPA gonna drop like shit this sem but I dont care cuz I'm going home tomorrowwwww! =D Away from Sg away from stresssses! :D Gonna meet mummy and family! :D Gonna rot and play! :D No more tears and angers! :D Depression shoooo! :D Heep heep hoorayyyy! :D I am so happy my blood is rushing I want to jump like there's no tomorrow! :D Away from reality! muahahha! :D Anyway, I've gotta choreo dance, do events, attend dance lessons, deal shits, projects and most probably work when I come back to Sg again. BIG SIGH I AM TIRED! Screw all those. LOL. =p Oh well just leave those behind and I shall enjoy my holidays back in brunei first! Good chance to slow down and tone myself down as well. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB ME! unless there's fun, call me! You know my phone number rightt! hehehehheehheehe. >:) HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE! I WANT ANGPAOS MANY MANY MANY OKAY! MUAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

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