Saturday, February 27, 2010


I complain others for not blogging for such a long time, and I myself didn't do my part as well. HAHA! Fruitful day today I guess. Went to the mall to get my stuffs since noon. @ Cheezbox now, chilling alone. (: supposed to book air flights, but I forgot to bring my passport out. great. Well, slacking right here. Kinda like self-therapy thing. HAHA! Oh I dropped my $50 ang pow fug! wasted. =( My days here were great! Other than non stop eating, I rot and watch drama/anime at home and I enjoy it much. Hanged out with friends was a bonus too! Stayed over at Karen's; we gossiped, watched movie and girls talk! :D Had high tea at Empire Hotel with the girls as well. Life's great right now, but sinful! Brunei is really a place for you to run away from reality, at least it is to me. (: Thinking of going back to SG make me stress, but I don't wanna stay in Brunei for tooo long as well. :S Confused much! I want to get a driviing license here but mom said I don't need that as I won't be driving in SG. sian. nvm, she/my bro shall be my driver then! HAHA! I'm supposed to get my wisdom teeth extracted soon, but I'm scared! should I should I? To tolerate the process and swollen face for few days, or to tolerate the constant pain for don't-know-how-long? sigh! I think Brunei's weather is really hot for me. Not that Sg's is not hot, but I think it's hotter here. I have pimples on my face and it's all over the place right now! >=( okay blame the weather! =p So much to do, so little time! =\

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