Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's 6.15am right now and I'm still awake. My body clock is pretty much screwed up hope I wont die so early. Blog seems quite dead-ish because no one's tagging at all, but I know there are people visiting everyday, at least 10 according to site meter. not bad at least uhh. :D Still, thank you. Tomorrow's Malacca trip is on, but I have yet to tell my mom about it! Gotta call to tell her later. Meeting my aunt at the airport to pass her my mom's stuffs this afternoon, means I have to wake up early! I'm having a hard time walking right now. Why does everything have to be clashed together? Because of my left leg I can't really dance right now and I'm pretty sure this will be a burden during the trip as well! I can feel the pain starts coming from the right leg now. =( Anyhowww, thanks to D for massaging mai leg and put on salonpas for me every night though I don't feel there's any differences haha. Tomorrow's trip will be D and I's first trip to overseas (although it's only a bridge ahead anyway, he said). Looking forward to it, I AM SHOOO EGGCITED! Well, he's treating me like a princess recently that's why I'm quite perky. HAHAHA! Hope I'll enjoy the trip !
Ain't he cute and naive back then?
tsk tsk tsk.
It's six porty-pive am right now and I really should catch some sleeeep! Mornight readers!

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