Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy is me!

I had a sweet time with daddy today! Yeap just the both of us. We had lunch together, chatted and watch movie in the afternoon. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE is a good show to watch, recommended! Dad was so shocked and couldn't recognize John Travolta (one of the male leads) in the movie until I showed him his previous photo. Daddy is so cute he said he wants to be like John Travolta because he's damn big size with a bald head and mustache now! I made cheesecake yesterday. It was a success, I guess? It looks good and tastes delicious, BUT! the crust does not stick onto the cheese it's all over the place! Guess I need to put a lot more butter next time. I'll try to make different flavour for the next one! :D I think i enjoy baking cakes now haha! I'm going back very very soon, like next week? Sigh. Life life. If there's a job as a slacker I'm the first person to apply it I swear! Can I just retire now? HAHA! Reality sucks. And hopefully thing gets better when I get back to sg!

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