Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final Year Project ended, finally. Presentation went quite smooth and thanks to the sleepless nights, I have extremely dark circles now. 4 more days to 3 weeks holidays, then 1 week exam and next 4 weeks holidays again. The only thing I would wish to do is hibernation BUT! too bad I gotta work and read up for next FYP. I did quite bad for this semester I'm sure. My daily grades are quite awful and UT grades aren't that acceptable as well, at least to me. This means that my GPA will drop again, gotta buck up for the last semester already since I'm graduating. I wonder whether I can get into U or not. Everyone keeps pressurizing me about getting a degree. So far it's not really in my list though. At times I hate people asking me what am I gonna do after graduating from poly because I really don't know yet. I feel that my path is so vague and unsure. I'm sure that I am able to enter U with my current GPA, it's just whether I want it or not. Main reason is money. They told me I could work first and save money for degree next time, which I doubt it's easy. Imagine with your salary minuses off your accommodation, living expenses and transportation. How much can you exactly save per month or year? Kinda unrealistic to me. Loan? I don't like the feeling of owing people for life, it's just like everyday debts. Considering part time degree. I REALLY DON'T KNOW. Another reason is that, I don't feel like studying anymore. HAHA! well, to be more exact, I don't know which path to choose; definitely not IT, and business is a lil hmm neutral. I'm more of an artsy person, definitely will be interested in those events or production side. But, in the end it still links back reason 1. On the brighter side, D is going to Kuching with me this September! My mom is more excited than me, like seriously. She offered and kept asking me to make him go hmm. Well hopefully we will enjoy the food and hospitality there, except for my aunties & uncles' all the 'wa-grown-up-and-so-tall-already-ah'! Mom is switching to a new environment, well not exactly new but I'm still happy for her. Finally she made a right decision and stood on her ground. It's funny that she always ask for my opinion and tells me everything nowadays. D said she's just like a sister to me. She always respect my decision and never really stops me from doing anything since young. I guess she trusts me and treats me like an adult. YAY! Till here then. Tata! (:

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