Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ohana! :D

I love how the family protects over me when they think he's bullying me. The mom will always make sure that I'm treated well else she will slaughter him; The dad will always ensures that everything is fine and reminds me that he's actually a good boy and if he treats me bad he will slaughter him, too. The sister always motivates, assures me and help pull myself together when I'm not okay. I love how we have heart to heart talk at nights, be it with the dad only, or Mom or Denise. The dad told me that they are always on my side, and D is on his own, so if anything happens, they are always there. haha how cute! The mom even investigated him and thought that he has something on out there! They always tell me that I'm a part of their family and thank me for being so patient with him. haha! This is just like my second home here. I feel loved and assured. (: Even the dog is on my side everytime we quarrel! She will just only bark at him non stop, be it my fault or his. I never regret knowing this lovely family; how much unconditional lovessss they have given me, experiences and knowledge that they taught me, it's countless. I dare to say that I love them more than I love him, to be frank. I'm so lucky to have them. (:

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