Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September's here!

September is a hectic month I would say. The first two weeks have already suffocated me as if there's no more oxygen left! I was working in COMEX IT Fair from 2nd to 5th September selling Fujitsu laptops. The crowd was really crazy during the fair. However not MANY people are buying our laptops as you know, it's a little pricey due to the quality, durability and its brand. Anyway I gained a manly voice from the fair and was kinda sick too. I realized that I hate crowd. I get impatient when people are so ignorant and noisy. Well that's the whole idea of the fair. I had to repeat, introduce and convince customers about the products and get them to buy as well. And I realized I don't quite like doing sales because I hate begging people. haha! But there's one thing I love the most is getting to know new people around and make friends. It's so fun to know others, observe and talk to them. Especially the place I worked during the fair, there are different types and levels of people, be it age, network, career and education. I love to gain different kind of knowledge/information from them, to see how and what they are doing right now and compare with myself, to know what are the differences and similarities. From here, I can at least get some ideas and experience from them. On top of that, I will know whether I am lacking behind or doing the right thing or not. Surprisingly, I miss my colleagues,except for customer snatchers. LOL! They all are nice people and willing to help me whenever I need to. 

Anyway I sold 17 laptops in 3 and a half day; I went off early the last day, too tired and voiceless. Overall I at least earned 300+ bucks I think. Next, I'll be working in Food Fair @ Suntec City, again. This time round is for my part time job company Chocolato. Chiong-ing for money currently to cover up my expenses. Yes, overspent on ridiculous facial treatment. In between these, I'm having exams too, 3 more to go I hope I can juggle between both work and studies! After that, a week trip back to Kuching! I love how September overloads me! (:
Talking about this month, I totally have no idea on how to celebrate my birthday. I have a group of friends here and there, they are all over the place and I really don't know how to decide! My class is having a chalet from 22nd to 24th and they want me to go over. I have a group of friends here in hostel and according to our tradition, we usually celebrate together unless we're in overseas. And, Dom and his friends as well. HOW AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I think the best way is to NOT celebrate at all, or i'll just celebrate alone. hmm. HAHA! IDK! Alright, shall blog again when I feel like.

Taken from Denise's blog. 27.08.10 Happy belated 2nd anniversary D!

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