Tuesday, January 4, 2011

De novo


I bet many of you are quite optimistic in inviting this wonderful new year right now, setting resolutions, goals and whatnot! Year 2010 has gone by and we can finally change our scribbled calendar or organizer at last! Somehow seeing brand new calendar waiting for me to fill up events, plans and schedules, that just made me feel fresh and cheery. Unpleasant events and regretful memories will be removed and here we are anticipating good things to happen on us, hopefully no disappointments and mistakes as much as possible. Anyway, I am not going to recall what I've done last year because what done is done, and do not wish to bring back any bad memories too. Mainly it's because I can't really remember what had happened actually. Short term memory, you know. excuse. (:  

To be honest, I am kind of dreading this year to arrive. Just so you know, I will be finishing poly in 2 months time and graduating on early May. What's next? Don't ask me that question because I'm not quite sure about it yet as well. Now I understand why people always wish to go back to kindergarten time when you are still under sheltered by parents. Just realized that this time I'm really on my own now. I think I'm not ready yet. Anyway, I'll just go with the flow. And if you happen to not have my account in fb, this is how I look like now. Hair still growing, fats still adding on and not to forget those zits too! :D 

Toodles! Love.

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