Thursday, July 17, 2008

random me.

blog blog blog. what to blog nowadays? Hmm.. I seriously dunno what to blog. =/ always feel bad to keep u all wait for my next post after i posted one.

Well, i'm kinda free at the moment (at this few hours time), so thought of blogging. Sometimes, i really dunno what i want. I feel so uneasy when i'm free. it's like, i'm so used to busy busy life; fully packed schedules, but once i'm free for ONE day only and got nothing to do, i feel very very weird, empty.

Example, usually i got dance classes after school during weekdays, then have to do RJ, revise for next Understanding Test[UT] (usually last min XD), and bla bla bla. and TODAY, went to dance class and back home. i have no RJ to do, nothing for me to revise cuz no UT tomoro. HAHA. and i'm so free now. i'm supposed to feel relaxed and enjoy my free time since it's very "nan de", but dunno why? always want to find something to do. psycho~

but then.. sigh~! what do i want? when i'm very busy and tired, how i wish i could have extra and more time for me to accomplish my stuffs, or rather slack and have nothing to do at that time. where as, when i'm totally free and got nothing to do, i'll feel weird and uneasy. not used to it.

*stupid + random = susan*

Human is juz like this, can never satisfy with what they have now. when they have this, they will complain and say " how i wish i have that.." or " eee.. i dun want my this this this.. " and vice versa. and human being, will never appreciate until they lost it. SIGH! life is complicated! agree agree? haha. XD.

i have been sleeping quite late nowadays ( it's "always' apparently) .. can say, used to it le ba? i can't sleep that early everynite. before, the earliest time i used to sleep was at 12am. and NOW, the earliest time is 1am+!! note that, EARLIEST time. the probability of me sleeping EARLY now is 1/10. HAHAHA. terrible susan~ i'm turning to the picture above le, serious. @.@

oh well, what a worddie post today. juz to kill my boredom for one nite only. haha. LAME! ta ta~


random + crazy + insane + bad temper + psycho = Susan !

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