Saturday, July 5, 2008


don't know why, but kinda in love with cooking nowadays. HAHA! such an auntie or mummy. XD. Cooking is fun though, especially when u look at ur "products" after u cooked, feel so proud and happy lo, provided that they say "delicious" too! don't you guys think so?

herbal chicken. yum! My mom bought some herbal packets (for cooking soup) for me and thanks to Sen Ern, the agent who passed it to me when he came to SG. =D Thank you~

One of the daily dinner, tomato minced beef and cabbage.

Now, here's the exciting part. XD. doh~

we bought a whole chicken and decided to cook for dinner. but after we bought it, we were wondering...

"who's going cut it ah?"
"i dun dare to cut le!"
"you cut ah. i dun want! =p"

ME: "fine then. i cut i cut. i THINK i know how to cut eh.. ehehehe.. -__-''' "



I was wondering, how can they put the feet into the body? OMG! so freaking hard to take out la! pull pull pull~!

1, 2 and 3 ! PULL! and finally it's out~ pheew~

there you go, another leggy~ -__-'''

after that, cut the whole chicken to pieces. tada~

then marinade it with salt and pepper, and add ginger and garlic on top.

and steam it till the chicken is cooked! simple and easy~


my poor elephant..

childish + lame guys..

now the doggy of my fren's is another victim le..


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