Saturday, February 21, 2009


HIHI guys! =D I'm officially known as LAZY BUM now. As i can hardly go online recently, therefore i'm lazy to blog too. The internet speed is testing my patience. seriously! urghh! Anyway, will just briefly update what have i done recently. Have been going out with friends and family recently. My valentine's day was kinda great too, even though it's not with him. =\ Yeap, went out with a group of friends instead. Movie, dinner and beach. =) Guess some of them had blogged about it too.
@ Jhy Haou's place. A lot of us almost got drunk and thanks to him. -____- @ Jerudong Beach during Valentine's day
Well, not much pictures though. lazy. =p For more pictures, can check it out from my facebook. =) Currently at Cheezbox restaurant, with seng wei and ern. As i always say, it's good to visit old friends and gather around. =) Can talk everything under the sun. Anyway, till here peeps. =D ps: I'm getting fatter now. -.- Weight still remains the same, but i don't know why, fats are accumulating around my waist, and face! Jeans and shorts are getting tighter, and i can even see my tummy protruding out when I wear shirts! That kind of "compliment" is definitely not a miss for me: "Wah, getting chubbier already huh." sigh~ think I should start to burn it from now on.

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