Friday, February 6, 2009


It is always good to visit your former school, and do some catch-ups with your teachers and friends. The feeling is so good. :) I like to recall the time when we all had fun together in secondary school, the nonsense stuffs we did and the place we used to hang out together. oh yea! the food in canteen too! gosh~ uber memorable la! =D Somehow, I feel great when I see familiar faces and know that they are doing well. Anyway, didn't really take much photos though. Kinda lazy with it already. Not in a blogging mood nowadays, so not really into taking photos. Have been visiting houses during cny. I find it great cuz it is one of the ways of meeting up and gathering with friends. Chit chat + gamble + laughter + gossips = =D Well, nothing much to post. I can sense that my life pace is very slow currently. haha. taking my own sweet time doing everything, I mean everything. =\ See ya people! =D

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