Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm damn bored right now! Don't know what to do seriously. Imagine if I were single, I think I'll be bored to death! someone please entertain me. -______________- I don't feel like starting my PP yet, cuz once I start, I'll start to stress. I have to write 2000 words of essay, analyze and think of the company's business strategies, apply to some analysis and yada yada yada! the deadline is on October though. I think it will be a last minute thing again. -.- Hopefully I'll start during July. =| Okay, now year 1 students are asked to stay at home for a week because of 2 or 3 H1N1 cases in RP. How nice is that? But they have to continue there daily learning through eLearning at home. At least they can relax! So does that mean we 2nd year and 3rd year people are superman? We still have to go to school as usual. sigh. Wait till all of us kena then the school knows. LOL. Hey people, please update your blog can? At least they can entertain me when I'm bored. I've been hopping from blog to blog and still remain the same post. :( I wanna do something fun ! but what can I do? When busy, busy till siao, when sian, sian till death! no balance at all. lol. Okay, I shall stop ranting, else, there will be no fullstop! tata people. I blog just to kill boredom. at least it helped a lil? :)

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