Sunday, July 12, 2009


BOO! I know, I know. DEAD right? LOL. Was kinda lazy to blog recently; no mood, no inspiration, tests attacked, busy and yada yada. There are actually a lot to blog about, but I don't know how to consolidate, arrange and put them into words. Guess my vocabularies and expression sucks. Now now, will just let the photos do the talking then.
28th June, filming:
the male lead. the couple, aka the director and the assistant. Raffles Place. LOL. what a face. April, ex housemate and I. begger! looked pro. one word, silly! 10th July, STEAM BOAT @ School! this cost us $6 per set only. Damn cheap! :) 7th July, photography lesson: Below are the photos that I personally took and like very much. :) Welcome to RP. U and I. one of the buildings.. sports complex I love this. Natural and cheerful. ;) pebbles! .red. white.
Well, I had to say that RP is a good place to take photos though. The architecture, the nature and everything they have there. By the way, I was using Canon 350D to shoot. Not bad right my skills? LOL! thick skin. Anyway, I love photography, just that I don't have such a good equipment to play with. Overall, it was fun! I'm so gonna buy a DSLR when I can afford one next time. BUT, NEED is more important than WANT, so this will take a looong time to be mine again. haha. Guess I'll stop here to let this post as a picture post, so that it won't be that wordy. Any more, that will be the next post!
a CHEEENA face for all of you.
ta ta people!

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