Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early birds != fresh worms?

I didn't know that there are AIR ASIA flights from Singapore to Miri until my bro told me today! I've booked a return flight via RBA last month from 11th September to 27th September, Singapore - Brunei and it costs me SGD320, whereas Airasia more or less SGD 150++. LOL. Am I too early or what? This proves that being an early bird doesn't mean you will get fresh worms as well! See, mummy, that is what will happen when you got paranoid and become 'gan jiong spider'! Too kiasu liao. HAHA! Oh well, what to do? booked and paid already. Nvm, I'm still happy that I've got a direct flight from Sg to Brunei, because I don't have to wait and travel for additional 2 hours back to Brunei again! =p wee~

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