Thursday, August 13, 2009


Life is a paradox, regardless anything. Human beings know what is right and what is wrong and they know they should be good. They tell others to do right things and be good to others, and yet they can contradict themselves by doing oppositely. Funny huh? There are different kind of people exist in this world; kind, helpful, arrogant, fake, weird, cunning, bitchy, busybody, useless, and yada yada yada. Sometimes they disgusted me, a lot. BUT, who am I to judge them right? I have no rights at all, agree? Well, WE have no rights to judge people at all, unless you're asked to be a judge of something else. That's different case then. Sometimes, I find it very annoying when people keep pointing here and there and say: "EEee.. look at that person's face, damn ugly eh! Seriously BUANG!" "Oh my gosh, look at that girl/guy's attire! seriously got no sense of fashion man!" "Eww, why is that person's face so weird? Like kena banged by car." "Look at that couple, not match at all ler~" Hello people ~ Before you talk about them, look at yourself first. Are you perfect enough to say others? People never hire you as a judge or what, so many comments for what? DUH ~ as if you have nothing else to do. And, I really hate those busybody people, keep harping and irritates on the same freaking thing forever and ever, as if you all haven't grown up yet. It goes like this : "Eee, you like that girl/guy ah? Eh seh, I don't wanna be a light bulb la, go go go, walk beside him/her then! don't forget to hold hand ah!" "OMG! I saw him and her walking together just now man! They've got something on for sure! Wanna bet or not?" Then run like an idiot and spread around to their friends, as if they will gain credits from it. Come on la, it's so primary and secondary school thing that we used to do it eh, how old are you now? Still wanna bring the habit to poly or uni life? Other than being an entertainment for you all, I find it rather backstabbing your friends. Be it me myself or my friends, i defend both. I just cannot tolerate this kind of shit. Tsk. Screw your mouth off man, perhaps, your backside. =p One sentence, you are damn lifeless, poor you. =) GROW UP, PEOPLE! They keep quiet doesn't mean they are okay with it and no comments at all. Mind you. Don't wait till people backfire you, we will then have fun as well. What goes around comes around~ Use your freaking brain and put yourself in others' shoes. If you have nothing to do or talk about, just shut your hyperactive mouth, keep quiet and mind your own shit, alright? You're not treated as a mute. =) And please don't talk cock when your balls are not that big. No one will look down on you even though you're not or what. Just be real and be yourself. Faking your identity doesn't do any good to you, and to us as well. In fact, you will get opposite results though. We know what's behind you, so please. The more you boast, the more I'll dig out the truth and embarrass you till you're faceless! 0=) I can be very mean at times, erm, i think most of the time. LOL! So don't try me. Thank you. ps: If you think above mentioned are somewhat similar to your behaviours, please change then. Will be greatly appreciated. :) I don't mind helping you to change yourself as well too. Feel free to contact me if you need to. HAHA ! >=)

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