Thursday, August 27, 2009

All I need is determination + confidence + luck!

During the exams period, I had so much to say but I couldn't due to exams and busy days, so I promised myself to blog after exams. Now that my exams are over, and I forgot what I wanted to say already. This happens all the time I swear. Well, I joined back modern dance again! =D Lessons are as usual, every Monday and Thursday. Bruises and floor burns became a part of me ever since I joined back. Seriously, my techniques suck now, deteriorated and my flexibility sucks too! There are a lot of things to catch up again and I nearly forget all the ballet french terms as well. I had serious muscles ache from top to bottom of my body and totally couldn't move after the first day of lesson. I feel like a retired old woman who's trying to dance again. Although it's stressful but I somehow enjoy it. Guess I really need to work hard now. =D Determination and confidence, come to mama please ! Second highlight of the post: Finished exams already and this means that it's the end of the 2nd Year first semester! Time flies damn fast boy. Oh, I'm having holiday now! =DD Sounds good huh, BUT! I don't think I did well in my exams. They seem easy but when you really do it, you got stucked and feel like your information are all over the place and the worst thing is, you can't remember where you'd put your information in your brain! That annoys me a lot. =\ Oh well, all I need for this is LUCK now! I want As and high GPA! Well, more stresses are coming up. Holidays mean have to start doing PP which I have no idea how to start right now. =S The deadline is on October! Besides that, I have to choreo a Chinese dance for an upcoming event on December too; have to think about the costumes, how to get and where to get, practice time and dancers as well. And, modern dance too. =\ Busy! Sigh. Everything always happen at the same time. LOL! --------------- I seriously hate doing air tickets thing. It's freaking troublesome! Okay, that's one of the disadvantages of studying in overseas. Flying back and forth during vacations and CNY, thinking which flight and date to take and fly, how to book or buy and so, everything has to be planned properly. Else, you will be facing a lot problems like fully booked or way too expensive. This makes me stressed too! Well, i've bought this September's ticket back to Brunei, so it's not for me to worry about this right now (except for the going back alone part =S). Now the thing is, I need to book my CNY flight back to Brunei in 2010 already! Can you imagine what is the date today? Still have half a year to CNY 2010 and yet most of the flights are kinda fully booked, or very expensive. Well, I'm not the only kiasu one right now huh. =p Okay, I shall rant no more! It's never enough for me to complain everything. I should learn HOW to appreciate and take it easy instead. =)
OH OH! LOOK AT THE DATE TODAY! IT'S 27th AUGUST! LOL! Okay, happy one year anniversary to me! =D wee~
Had steamboat at Dom's and the family as well. BLOATED!
Done by his dad. freaking hilarious! LOL! Guess what are those ingredients? Syabu Syabu(beef) as the hair, panda fish as the face, fishball filled with meat as the body and Enoki mushroom as arms and legs! "Happy anniversary!" That's what the dad said. =D
Life still goes on, so be optimistic people!

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