Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HELLO WORLD! =) It has been a long time that I blogged. How are you people? Life's as usual huh, ups and downs. I think people now are more into the HAZE thing. Every time I log into facebook, sure got a lot of people complaining the weather's hot and hazy. Yes, I'm talking about you, Brunei. Poor you all. For a moment I was glad that I wasn't in Brunei, because I cannot stand hazy and super hot weather. It irritates my nose hell lots. However, Singapore is a bit hazy nowadays as well, guess it's some Indonesia thing going on. And I think some parts of Malaysia are suffering from haze too. Oh well ~ There are a lot of things going on in my mind and sometimes they are really driving me crazy! I'm just too indecisive towards everything. Now I suspect that I'm having split personality. O.O Sometimes I don't think what I usually think, and sometimes I do what I usually don't think or do. Fickle brain, paranoid, complicated and whatsoever la. Okay, I suck at describing and I don't know what I'm talking about now. I'll leave it till next time where I can actually write it in words properly. I was sick last week; mild fever, sore throat and flu. My normal body temperature is usually from 35.4 - 36.2. However during that period, it rose up to 36.9 - 37.4 day after day. To me, it's consider hot already and I thought 37 degree celcius is normal for a body temperature. I'm cold-blooded. LOL. Guess what? I didn't visit doctor at all! Self-recovery. No medicines were taken as well. I think my stubborn-head can kill me sometimes, if it really happens to be H1N1. =S Sometimes, I really don't know what is good for me and what is best for others. Being considerate can actually hinders you in making decision too. I hate myself for being so considerate. It makes me paranoid and indecisive. For instance, given A and B, you're thinking of doing A which will benefits you. But then if you choose A, it will affects another person and you start to feel guilty; And if you choose B, it doesn't do any good to you but it benefits another person and you start to feel regret. Therefore, you will then start to think whether which one to choose, to benefit yourself or others? I seriously cannot make up my mind in this kind of situation and I feel so useless. Exams are coming in one week time and after that holidays! Wait, I haven't revise any of the modules yet. I feel so unproductive. I think I've jeopardized my priorities already. It's like, you're trying to study, but then there is actually other stuff that you wanted and can't wait to do first other than studying. Agree? Three words : Humans are VERY complicated ! I know, I know no one else can help me other than myself. Whatever decisions that I'm going to make, thus I have to bear whatever consequences that are going to happen as well. Oh well, hopefully life will continue go on smoothly lor ~ Obstacles shooo shoooo !

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