Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Eve

It's sweet that relatives and family celebrated with me. Not really a celebration though just cutting a cake and that's it. Nothing much special. As usual, dinner with six to eight dishes at aunt's. Being an organizer could be suckish at times too because you're the one who always arrange and initiate everything, obviously. Well i'm the one who always arranges and brings out cakes and plates whenever there's cake cutting ceremony. I totally don't mind abt that at all. I enjoy decorating the candles and so. But the suck part is that, it happens even when it's my birthday as well! Hello. No one automatically do it for me and in addition everyone's like rushing me to bring out the cake and do the preparation. Not to mention the name, i was even asked to cut a piece of cake out first because my lil cousin is hungry and i haven't even light up the candles yet! But i didn't. HA ! Great. That's one of the reasons of why i do not want to celebrate my birthday in the very beginning. I'd rather not to have it at all if i know this would happen. Oh well, call me a grumpy person or whatever. That's me. Apart from that, i really appreciate mom's effort in buying a costly cake and do all the cleanup for me. Thanks mom. Nothing can beats mummy, right? :) Shall rant no more else i'll be as good as those naggy people. Bla. Happy 19th, Sue. And i mean HAPPY. :-)

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