Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Nothing changes and almost everything remains the same. Guess I'm the one who's not used to it. Be it the people here, environment and so on. I adapt real fast huh. I feel different in two different places. Everything is okay so far except for the internet (you know), and guess where am I now? Coffee Bean. LOL! Was kinda busy renewing passport and re-entry permit these few days and they are done! Went to Limbang day ago and I wonder how the residents there could actually survive in that kind of environment. Everything is so backdated and they call that tall building their shopping centre? I'm so thankful that I at least grown up in Brunei. Not to be sarcastic or proud but I believe most of you would agree with me on this. The weather is so hot that I feel like a roasted duck whenever I'm outside. I perspire everytime I'm done with bathing too. Air-cond is my best friend now! My pace is very slow right now. I feel relax and stress-free when I try not to think of anything. However, when I think about of going back to Sg, responsibilities and tasks bombarded and they stressed me out! Cuz I'm still in square 1. So far nothing much have been done since it's only the first few days in Brunei and I think I'm gonna be dead meat when I go back to SG. Oh there will be 3 days dance camp on 28th where I'll only be touching down in Sg on the 27th! Not to forget, i'm missing 3 dance lessons during the vacation as well. Well done Susan. Apart from that, i have no idea on the other event(dance) that I'm doing right now. Totally clueless empty and somehow I feel like dropping it. For that I'll be killed as well. Someone please save me!

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