Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lemon lemonade bumble bee!

"When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade." That's the line I always use to brainwash myself whenever I receive lemons. Who said life is easy? Life is never easy at all. To me, it's either do or die. I came to learn a lot of things; Good and kind people are not easy to be, people tend to take things for granted and do according their ways as though it is right to do when you're too nice to them. Then sooner or later they climb on top of you and stomp you to death. The world is realistic and selfish much uh. I've actually typed out a lot in this post but I pressed the delete key again. Maybe I just realized that I have too much fire burning inside I guess. I should just stop this bad habit for having the hatred feelings and be more optimistic. I apologize if I ever hurt anyone of you with words when things are not right. Please understand that I'm a straight forward person and that I always expect perfection. People say I'm a result-based person. I don't care how much efforts you've put in and how much hell you've gone through during the process, as long as the result is the desired one, I'm cool. To get things done, you just have to be chop chop and frank and no nonsense should be accepted. That's my theory. (: I know I've fired and bombed a lot of people recently during rehearsals and runs, but can't blame me because we expect you to be extremely well-prepared by now since tomorrow is the performance and it's gonna be a two days event! If you have problems with it then come and find me beforehand. I don't mind to teach and help you. I really hate those who are very irresponsible and yet they still want to take up this responsibility. Burden or what? You might as well don't take anything at all and I'll be the happiest human alive. Anyway, things are getting better now after all the drills and screws. I hope tomorrow's show will be a success. Else, efforts wasted. Break a leg! :D Oh about the Malacca trip, it was fun! I had a lot of makans and the food there best! I didn't do any shopping at all though. I had my eyelashes permed for the first time and enjoyed foot spa manicure pedicure. :D I don't mind going there again and this time round I'm gonna try to visit the places where it's well-known. Pictures were already uploaded in fb eons ago. Shall blog again after this week, hopefully. (:

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