Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's just like a tree with plentiful of apples

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I had two productive days on Thursday and Friday. I've had one of my wisdom teeth pulled and it was not bad after all. I thought it would be as bad as those situations mentioned in the forums. The wait took 3 hours in total and all the cleaning, explanations and extraction of wisdom tooth took half an hour. Registration fee and extraction cost $3 only! It was a three-legged tooth it's so awesome! I was told to go back on Monday to extract another one again. I coloured and had a hair cut at the salon and not forgetting painted my nails in the afternoon. Everything was done for $80. Things are really cheap back here. One of the things I love about Brunei. During the night, I went to watch movie with friends and catch up with them. Everything was done in a day, I feel so productive! Stayed over at Jane's and we had 2 photoshoot sessions the next day. 

I love everything, except for the sun burns. My shoulders are badly hurt and they feel hot. Right shoulder is redder than the left one, uneven skin tones. However, all of these are worth doing it. I never realized I wasn't that dark as I thought until yesterday.

At least I had good times in Brunei this year.
Love it. :)