Monday, March 7, 2011

What's new?

I'm back in Brunei, most probably settling for a month only. I'm so used to Singapore that I need some time to get used to my own house here. Things changed a little and I get confused with itty-bitty stuffs around the house. I didn't know where to turn on my shower and I forgot the switch to own my light. Most of all I don't even have my own room anymore because my new maid is sleeping on my bed and the whole room is practically like hers. Feel much foreign in this house right now. My dad has been rearing chickens and the compound really looks very much like a kampung now, not to mention the smell as well! I think I've transformed to a city girl and I find all these are kinda eeky to me. 

This is only the first day and I'm looking forward to spend my days in the kingdom of unexpected boredom, Brunei. 

I miss the people in Singapore now, especially dou dou! 

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