Friday, March 11, 2011

A reminder to you, and myself

Don't be sad if that person doesn't initiate to call or text you so often like how he always does last time; Because he might be busy with his important stuffs. Be understanding and you will come to realize that everyone has their own priorities and they've gotta do what they have to do. And fret not, he might be thinking of you all the time you might not know.

Don't be disappointed when you don't hear any sweet or caring words from that person as before; You would rather hear it once in a while where he really means it and comes from heart than hearing it everyday that becomes a norm, and then numb.

Don't give up if that person doesn't contact you for few days too because like I said, priorities. He might be thinking of you and flashing back all the memories every hour to a point that he thinks he's talking and spending time with you every minute, mentally. Be understanding, generous and forgive him for his forgetfulness, carelessness, being insensitive and care-free. Let that person be himself once in a while, without having any obligations to meet your harsh expectations all the time.

L E T   L O O S E .

This sounds quite optimistic and I would like to stick to that mindset right now. Not being in denial, brainwash myself but to be matured and a better person.  Of course, to maintain a better relationship as well.

I know harsh reality and ridiculous me will kick in anytime soon but for god's sake I need to be as logical as possible. As much as I want to rant and vent, I have to be cool.

Happy holiday everyone!


mariano lorenzoni said...
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mariano lorenzoni said...

That's it. People like feeling "free", or "on his own" sometimes. This is good and necessary to a healthy relationship. It's hard, but it gives exactly what you said: sincerity.
Its way better listening an "I love you" when it comes from deep inside the soul.

Oh, and... Sorry if I did any mistake in my english. Trying to learn it...

Susan said...


yeap that's right! But a lot of people fail to do so, because humans are selfish. We've gotta learn and I'm still learning. :) Thanks. Nah, your English is fine!

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