Tuesday, May 6, 2008

eww ~

Soo many things happened throughout last week. crazeey ~ XD.

1) House moving.. again ~ =/

2) Modern dance audition.
3) Antioxidant screening ~

4) Hair cut!!
5) and more! =D

House moving. yea, AGAIN! this is the second time already. i moved from Block 19 to 17, now moved back to 19 again! and i lived at block 17 not more than a month some more. ahh! THANKS to the management lo. =/ sigh~ so damn tiring and ma fan ah. why do we need to move? cuz they want to make it "girls in one whole block and guys in another one whole block" lo. and other reasons too. yada yada yada !

we started to pack our stuffs at 5pm, then did check-out and check-in thingy. after that, we started to clean our new house (it's not new actually, people who lived there also moved out to other block, and we move in.). the CLEANING part is the most "excited" part le la! there is only one word that i can describe that place, EWW ~! can you really imagine that we cleaned non stop from 9pm night till 7am in the morning? it sounds so terrible and ridiculous. but ladies and gentleman, believe it!! during that nite, we had some lil arguement with the office ppl too, due to the dirtiness and unfair thingy ~ [ it's becuz we left our house clean and tidy before we leave but the previous tenants left going-to-be our house like "dog nest". ask us to clean their dungs after they poo-ed meh? who will happy with that rite? soooo unfair! ] hehe. XD. so, i didn't sleep for 24 hours that day. =/ clean clean clean! freaked out ~ no offense yea! hehe. peace peace*

Since it's gonna be our home-sweet-home for 1 year, probably 2 years, we cleaned from the corner to tip, top to bottom ! fuu~ i'm sick of detergent and soap now! my hands were filled with them at least 5 hours to clean the whole kitchen. -O.O- gonna show u all some pics during that nite.

house moving! =/ so many stuffs. gal gal is like that de lo.

messy messy meesie!

cuci wash!

rushing for RJ!

ants invasion!! gosh! this is the most terrible problem we are facing now! ants everywhere! can you all juz leave us alone? gosh! gone mad becuz of these tiny lil thingy! gonna kill all of them!! ahhh ~

My Old woman's hand after cleaning with detergent for at least 5 hours. ~ gross ~

poor hand! flaky ~ eww ! side effect after cleaning too much.

last shot. no more Johor Bahru view. we've moved to other block which is facing the school side. =( no more nature view.

school's view from our hostel. and here's the realistic of the world. HAHA. apakan. XD ~

so damn exhausted after moving and cleaning. torturing!


About the modern dance audition ( i did tell in the previous post rite? and if u happen to read my previous post), yea, i passed and get in!!! yay!! muahahha. so happy. as for the hip hop audition, i didnt go cuz too much activities le. i cut out my 4 Interest Groups to 2 only, modern dance and ISC.

during audition @ studio. the guy sitting over there is our instructor. Strict and funny too ~ PRO.


Had ANTIOXIDANTS screening last week too. antioxidants helps you to prevent cancers and sickness, radicals, look old, and more. everyone has antioxidants in their body to protect them from above mentioned. gosh ! i'm at HIGH RISK level. i'm gonna die! do u see the "cross" mark at the orange block? which means i'm at "high risk" and i'm lacking of antioxidants. ooO~ have to eat a lot of colourful fruits and vegetables in oder to gain more antioxidants.

On Sunday, i had my hair cut. hmmm. will post up some day if i feel good with my new hair style. XD.

well, wanna end this post with really STUPID pics. enjoy ~ =p dont puke*

sorry ah, we juz came out from mental hospital. XD.

this is wat we do during boring midnite ~.

what's with our hairs?

fooling around with my hair.

siao ~

OMG ! I'm spoiling my own reputation man. wahahaha. something's wrong with my mind nowadays. please forgive ! =D

lack of sleep nowadays. exhausted ~

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