Sunday, May 25, 2008


well, don't know what to blog nowadays, so came out with this....


Frances + Susan's mini cosmetics table!

Feel so "shuang" everytime i see my mini table. her stuffs + my stuffs = WONDERFUL! muahaha. all cosmetic stuffs.

currently i'm using these products, everyday. from left to right: Toner, Comedone Complex, Moisturizer, Lotion + Foundation with SPF 30.

My daily face care routine: XD ~

1. Toner: Apply to the face after cleanse and before moisturize your face. Toner is a must as it is the first step of your face care routine. It also helps to hydrate and restore the pH balance of the skin, fight the aging process and to help prevent and clear blemishes. Besides that, it helps to minimize and tighten pores and kills bacterias and germs on your skin. =)

2. Comedone Complex: Apply it after toner. It helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads. Also helps to dissolve away keratin impacted in comedones. It has anti-bacterial activities too.

[keratin: a fibrous insoluble protein ; comedone: blackhead]

3. Moisturizer: After toner and comedone complex, then apply moisturizer. It helps in moisturize your skin so that it won't feel dry. it keeps your skin soft and nurtured. Sometimes, people's face tend to get oily because there is not enough water on the surface of the skin to protect it. so, it alerted the systems and thus produces oil to replace water. that's why, we have to use moisturizer lo.

4. Lotion + Foundation with SPF 30: this is the last step of my daily face care routine. Dont think i need to explain le la, it's quite clear what's the purpose of that.

other than those products, i'm using these different types of masks every week too. Peel-off mask, mask sheets, sleeping mask, white mud-nose pack.. almost all the products are from THEFACESHOP. I just simply love that shop thingy! =D

Perfume that i'm using now. in love with this perfume! XD ~ [ Winnie, this anna sui.. remember? wahahaha. =p ]

cam whore.. -.-"'

till here then!

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~*Mys Violet*~ said...

Hihi^^ Suuuusaaaannn:) how are u?? i never want to go simgapore to study coz i think it's stressful, but after lloking at all the pics and environment of ur school and apartment.. man.. i feel like going now:P wahahah
its vui here btw