Saturday, May 31, 2008


warning: this post might be more into vain post. =D

Finally, it's over! The show was kinda successful and time flies really fast! enjoyed lots with the dancers and of course the dance too! Well, pictures down here can tell what had happened during those days.

ps: heavy make-up. zombie-like, smoky eyes, pale, fierce. the idea of the dance. =X..

During rehearsal.

before make-up, preparing. =D

after make-up.

something fly in front of me? =X

the two of us. @.@ scary..

"omg!! so scary and smoky ah you two! " want some more? continue then. XD ~

the devils..

me and chervalyn, a ballerina.

come to us~

Benjy! really pro pro pro in dance! XD. emo-ing* super funny cool guy + hip hop instructor of us. haha.

Cher, Frances, PeiYu, Me.

Jan the only guy. muahaha.

Ranjan the guy, and us.

AhhH! muscles.. =S


dead-like face. ZOMBIE.

vain vain..

last pic. emo*

btw, will upload the dance video once i get it. =D.

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