Thursday, June 5, 2008

neither China-chinese nor Indonesian

orang A: " You come from china ah?"
Me: " No i'm not. I'm Chinese and from Malaysia, but i lived in Brunei."
orang A: " oh... but you look like a china-chinese.. *with confusing face* "

While i'm talking (in chinese language) with other people...

orang B: " wah! u can speak chinese ah??"
Me: " duh~ of course, i'm a chinese thou. "
orang B: " ahh.. i tot u're an Indonesian.."
Me: " ehehe.. -__-''' *with a cold smile* "

First, please make this clear k.


Hey out there! For your information, I'm pure Chinese-Malaysian who lived in Brunei for more than 10 years already. get it? Stop calling and saying that i'm a China-chinese or Indonesian. Have been hearing it for many times already. really sick of it le. Not being racist or offensive lo. Cuz i'm still proud of being Chinese malaysian + half brunei wa. HAHAHA. duh~

no offense yea. =)

Well, find it surprise to see me blog huh? haha. cuz got nothing to do lo. that's why.

Random pics and post down here.

Cast: my beloved CJ7!


everyone's obsessed with my CJ7.. HAHAHA! XD ~ can't blame, lame + bored


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