Tuesday, June 10, 2008

oh holidays ~

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Dumplings! Cakes! Chocolates! Donuts! Dumplings! Cakes! Chocolates! Donuts!

Craving for FOOD now! XD ~

OMG! i'm such a piggy now! i'm sooo desperate to have dumplings and chocolates! what's wrong with me? pms kua? tsk tsk tsk..

Went out to have our dinner at Causeway Point just now. Frances them were looking and wanted to buy clothes and shoes, but me!! i keep looking for dumplings and cakes only! =/ *smack myself* can't blame lo, it's DUMPLINGS FESTIVAL TODAY, so used to eat dumplings in Brunei le. and i miss Seria's dumplings so much!! d-e-l-i-cious! yum yum!! sigh.. hungry again.. -__-'''

I couldn't find any dumplings there. one of the stalls closed liao. T__T arghh~ instead, i bought DONUTS to "an wei" myself. muahaha. greedy pig~ After that, when we reached home, we saw a plastic of dumplings hanging outside of our door! gosh!! our eyes became BIG when we saw dumplings. haha. all thanks to Frances's fren~ he gave and hanged it outside. aligato ~

Addicted to korean dramas and movies these few days. the whole house are having dramas and movie marathon! wuhoo~ stay up for the whole night just to watch those and sleep in the morning till afternun. my life is upside down ~ XD.

donuts ~


Donut Empire. Brunei have? Cuz i saw "Brunei" branch on this box. hmm.. never see it before le.

dumpling! woots~

Stay tune for the trip to Esplanade ~ XD!

i shud control my eating le. =X sigh~

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